Shamanic Crystal Sound Journey

Crystal Sound Journeys are a deep set of Shamanic techniques designed for participants to venture safely through a multiverse of dream states and levels of consciousness.

What is Shamanic Crystal Sound Journey?

Crystal Journeys are founded on the principles of Crystal Therapy techniques combined with Shamanic technologies, unique to each individual. This method of alternative therapy effectively clears the energetic body and allows the divine presence of the participants to make itself felt and known.

The journey takes the participants through a road map of multidimensional states of consciousness, through the integration of crystals, grids and mandalas carefully mapped around and on the individual.

These journeys offer access to the “Superconscious”, bringing divine presence and absolute bliss to the participants.

During the shamanic crystal journey, the sense of self and worldview may undergo a depth of change as a result of this kind of this exclusive guided practice.

"Crystal Sound Journeys are a deep set of Shamanic techniques designed for participants to venture safely through a multiverse of dream states and levels of consciousness."

What can one expect from a Shamanic Crystal Sound Journey?

Well they say have no expectations but expect the unexpected. Every shamanic crystal journey is unique to the individual participant and their needs.

Shamanic Crystal Sound Journeying is holistically characterized by an intentional change in consciousness. 

Shamanic practices explore unknown aspects of our psyche, the world around us, the internal and external mysteries.

Rebekah also known as The Maltese Mystic Yogi who is also the founder of this original skill set and will guide you and communicate with you at all times as you enter a shamanic state of consciousness.

Through the shamanic crystal journey sessions with Rebekah, you will be peacefully and safely guided into a supportive adventure set to awaken your true essence as a divine light being.

The Shamanic Crystal Sound Journey brings assistence to releasing any blockages or resistances that may be preventing you from accessing a state of wholeness.

The inclusion of different sounds and frequencies are brought into the session to amplify the experience and take the participants on a journey into a dream state where everything becomes possible.
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How can a Shamanic Crystal Sound Journey be of support?

Many participants feel stuck in their lives or have tried a number of other modalities that didn’t bring about the desired effect or that didn’t have resonance following the treatment.

Through accessing the superconscious, possibilities become endless and so are the reasons for shamanic crystal sound journeying. While in a shamanic state of consciousness, the state itself creates a process which clears away anything that prevents the energetic body of accessing a state of ananda.

The process can quickly assist in the resolution of difficult emotions, physical ailments and behaviour often associated with past trauma.

Shamanic crystal sound journeying is a shamanic method designed to create disciplined interactions with spirits in the non-ordinary middle world, thus bringing help, empowerment and healing to the participant.

Through this process the spiritual side of illness in a complementary relationship with the non spiritual treatment of illness and injury is addressed.

Preparations and Conditions for Shamanic Crystal Sound Journeys

Shamanic Crystal Sound Journeys are a drug free, no touch shamanic process, you remain fully clothed and fully conscious.

To participate in a journey you must be 18 years plus.

You must be in stable mental condition. Pregnant women are recommended to wait until after they give birth to experience this therapy. Please be aware you cannot take the shamanic crystal sound journey if you have taken any recreational drugs in the past two weeks or hard drugs in the past four weeks.

It is best to avoid over consumption of caffeine and alcohol prior to your journey and it is recommended to eat lightly before your session. It is helpful to minimise commitments post the shamanic crystal sound journey session and it is advisable to take time out for yourself after the session.

Investment & Bookings

I offer classes, workshops, retreats and courses resonating with this sphere of knowledge and its practices, which I'm extending to you through this website. No pre requisites.

Each session is 2 hours duration and includes a 30 min to settle into the  needs of the session, 90 min shamanic crystal journey and an individual crystal elixir made for your personal needs.

Book a 15 minute discovery call to chat all things related to Shamanic Crystal Journeying
and have answered any questions you may have about the journey.

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