Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is an alternative Holistic technique in which crystals and other stones are used to bring homeostasis in our mind, body and spirit.  The crystals act as conduits for harmonizing our essence — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as dense, dis-ease-causing energy flows out.

What is Crystal Therapy ?

Crystal therapy is a metaphysical approach to wellness and wellbeing, through the use of an extensive range of crystals and gemstones with diverse inherent properties and the knowledge of incorporating them, performed by a well informed & trained crystal healer.

Crystal therapy is also known to be a holistic, non-invasive, system of healing based on energy. Therefore, the person and their integrated energy system are treated as a whole. It is a deeply relaxing therapeutic treatment that uses accurately placed crystals either on and/or around the physical body.

"Let the energy of crystals open your soul to infinite possiblities."

How It Works?

Crystals work through piezoelectricity which is the electric charge that accumulates in solid materials in response to applied mechanical stress.

For example holding a crystal or gemstone in your hand generates a heat that is then retained by the stone. Thus, this is the pseudoscienctific element behind crystals & gemstones and how the crystals are said to work, while also being attuned to the crystal healer that uses them, charging them with their innate sensitive energy.

30 Minute Crystal Healing Session: € 40
60 Minute Crystal Healing Session: € 55
90 Minute Crystal Healing Session: € 75
Quick History


Alignment means bringing mind, body, spirit and environment back into homeostasis, restoring the body’s natural balance. It does not imply a cure. So what benefits can be expected?

These techniques of utilizing crystals have been around for over thousands of years and have helped many significant people in the past.

All sessions require a consultation first, so that the therapist has a full outline of the persons needs. Holistic therapy takes into account lifestyle, emotional, mental and social factors.

You will then be made comfortable and warm on a massage bed or on the floor. You will be asked to close your eyes and relax and then crystals will be placed on or around your body

A session where crystals are laid on the Chakras to restore balance may last twenty minutes to half an hour. Complex patterns that relate to the underlying causes of dis-ease, may last one hour to one and a half. The length of a session depends on the technique being applied. There may be protective emotional or mental barriers to gently dismantle before the healing can begin.

The position may be decided with the aid of a pendulum or intuitively. The crystals will be left in place while you relax and breathe gently. You may feel a tingling sensation, your body may jerk as it releases patterns held in your muscles, you may even laugh or cry as supressed emotions are let go. On the other hand you may feel nothing at all, maybe a simple sense of peace and calm.

Crystal Therapists have extensive knowledge of the different stones and how they affect us, and are able to use them in these healing sessions. The more in tune with a client the therapist is, the more the crystals will be able to work and restore harmony and well-being. The crystals will enhance what you are already working on. They are very interactive and rely on you being actively involved in your own spiritual journey.

Price & Availibility

Treatments are recommended to be performed in-person and can also be performed in the person’s home. Payment is accepted via cash, cheque, PayPal and bank transfer.

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