About Maltese Mystic Yogi

The Maltese Mystic Yogi’s was founded while journeying through self-acceptance, feeling fear whilst living in courage, through the cultivation of self-focus and self-love simultaneously over the last 12 years.


Maltese Mystic Yogi’s mission while being of service to all, is to guide you toward a meaningful, peaceful and balanced existence. I implement natural healing through a diverse range of complementary, herbal, holistic, physical & spiritual therapies.

I have cultivated a set of alternative therapies over the years through my self-healing journey that together, have precipitated into fully accessing the manifestation of one’s true heart’s desires. No magic or voodoo involved here, simply learned & practiced. Learning to truly harness one’s energy is the secret.



Crystal Healing

Intuitive Readings


Maltese Mystic Yogi extracts the essential therapeutic virtues from each practice and projects them into a nurturing calm & comforting restorative setting, focusing on whatever one seeks in the form of guidance through individual sittings or combined therapy sessions. The Maltese Mystic Yogi integrates yoga and other holistic practices, including – body therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki, pranayama breathing techniques, intuitive Card readings, crystal therapy and meditation into each group and private session.
Maltese Mystic Yogi is here to guide you toward a meaningful, peaceful and balanced existence. The past can’t be changed, though together we can better understand and resolve the challenges of the present and build the future envisioned from within your heart space.

Maltese Mystic Yogi

Maltese Mystic Yogi was created by Rebekah Debono, an entrepreneuring CIBTAC qualified Holistic therapist with 12 years of experience. She is a licensed aromatherapist, a Reiki master, and a qualified crystal therapist. She practices meditation daily, is a CIBTAC qualified massage therapist & a psychic intuitive card reader for over 10 years. Rebekah Debono is also Yoga Alliance qualified, and a yoga therapy & alignment teacher & practitioner.

“Through yoga I have been encouraged to access fearlessness, strength and the ability to tap into that which is real within me. Yoga allows me to bring happiness, health, well-being and connectedness to my clients, who through our yoga practice, can find a means to self, through self and for self.”

— Rebekah Debono


The yoga therapy / alignment sessions are founded on Hatha principles & Iyenger Yoga practices.


One stands to receive immediate benefits; to feel more empowered, to enhance their wellness, as well as to enable Holistic improvements on an emotional, physical and transcendental level.


All the therapies involve aromatherapy to raise and enhance the vibration within & without.

“ So grateful for my tarot and Reiki session with Rebekah! Looking forward to another soon. Highly recommend! ”

— Emma Debono

“ Rebekah brings together a wealth of knowledge, making it super easy to assimilate, absorb and relax at the same time. ”

— Flavia Zammit Dousias

“ I am no stranger to anxiety and a hectic lifestyle. With just 1 session I could already feel better—more calm yet still eager to take on the day. Would recommend to everyone and anyone. ”

— Ilaria Aquilina

Current Treatments

​Presently, The Maltese Mystic Yogi offers crystal therapymassageReiki & card readings in Lija / Birkirkara. Yoga therapy & alignment and Yin/Yang yoga sessions are held in Naxxar and Bahar ic Caq.

Rebekah Debono also collaborates with Pilates Guru Sarah Jane Zrinzo at her Seven Steps Pilates studio.

The Maltese Mystic Yogi also hosts & facilitates restorative & re-energizing all inclusive retreats in Malta, Gozo & Globally revolving around self care, self love and how to cultivate & nurture oneself back onto a vibrant wave of life.

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