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Crystal Therapy Practitioner Course (self paced)

"Lets foster harmony through connecting to self empowerment"

Together we are going to get some serious hands-on experience with gemstones for both personal and professional use in this fun and informative self paced training course

Crystals and gemstones have been used in healing for centuries by cultures all over the world, and are considered to be natural vibrational aids for health and wellness.

If you are interested in crystals, their benefits and uses. I look forward to meeting with you and sharing my life’s work with you through this fascinating crystal therapy training course available online or in person.

The training is structured into 3 parts the 1st is made up of 5 modules and is about understanding crystals their benefits, uses & how to cleanse, charge and attune your crystals so they can work at their maximum potential each day.

The 2nd portion of the training course is composed of 10 modules and will apply a professional & holistic approach to either adapting crystal therapy to your current complementary therapy such as Reiki or massage or cultivate a new competency for the offering.

The 3rd and final portion of the course offers insight in setting up a healing session and is made up of 4 modules.

You will all receive professional advice and consultation throughout.

Other topics that will be discussed include how to use crystals and gemstones, specific healing properties of various crystals and gemstones and how best to incorporate them into your health and wellness practices.


Extra benefits

What else we get ?

We will also discuss choosing the best crystals that vibrate with your personal energy field and practical hands-on experience using a wide range of crystals and gemstones which will be provided during the workshop.

You will learn how easy it is through these amazing holistic tips to bring balance to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self creating a state of wellness.

The course is open to the public, no pre-requisites or prior experience is necessary, just come with an enquiring mind and an open heart.

This course is also great for Reiki healers and energy healers too who wish to learn more about crystals and how to use them in their sessions.

This crystal therapy course has a professional manual with self assessment q’s & a-s which we will review weekly

During the course, you will be given a very special kit piecing together very specific tools to use during your crystal therapy sessions from the course that we will be sharing.

Spaces for this training jn person are limited to make the experience more comfortable and personal in person. Online there are no limited spaces and the material is yours to keep to support your journey but the course should be completed for support over a year period.


To confirm your place for this training contact me De Bono Rebekah, I will be your guide WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram,Facebook

The course is made up of 3 parts and each part is made up of a manual that you will receive in person or online Part one – Manuel plus kits Part two – Manuel plus kits Part three- Manuel plus kits €744 euro (Payment plan is available)

A certificate of participation will be given to each participant at the completion of the full course. Confirming your space is easy, kindly message me to arrange payment before.

Sincere apologies but your participation cannot be guaranteed without payment as meticulous preparation is required for this training Thank you for understanding.

As a Crystal enthusiast since the of 14 and certified professional Crystal therapist, I am really looking forward to sharing of my crystalline knowledge with all those who wish to learn more about crystals their benefits, properties, uses and their maintenance.

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Crystal Reiki Level One Training & Attunement

Crystal Reiki Level One is a step forward on your energy healing learning experience.

This training first and foremost attunes you to Reiki energy, mostly, so that you may work on self healing and personal development.

During this day training we will cover topics resonating with the history of Reiki, how it became, how it evolved, the energy it holds, auric fields, crystals, the energy centres also known as chakras and how to work with the energy centres through the integration of Reiki energy and crystals in our personal healing journey.

We will discuss and learn how to include crystals in your personal healing practice through Reiki and also how healing can be amplified through their inclusion covering some basic crystal healing topics.

We will also address how to open up to the healing energy of Usui Reiki and how to use it in a positive way in our lives, to amplify our paths.

The benefits of learning Reiki are endless, healing is one of them, the others are more related to those who wish to tap into opening up their intuitive and perceptive abilities of course from a place of grounding in a very safe environment.


Easy Payment

Reiki is a very positive energy to learn and assists you in aligning with your purpose while opening up pathways within your energetic body.

Many who have experienced the Reiki level one training, have enhanced their natural abilities, including connecting to the higher realms, Angels, Spirit guides and more..

During the training, you will be able to have practical hands on practice with the teacher and also you will have the opportunity to practice your Reiki with other students and receive feedback.

You will recieve the Reiki Level One Attunement, a Manual with guidance, a Crystal Chakra set & a Certificate besides of course support throughout your Reiki journey.

Spaces for all courses and workshops are limited and can only be retained upon payment of a 50% deposit to reserve yours.

Cash, Revolut & Paypal are accepted methods of payment.


Price and Availability

Spaces for all courses and workshops are limited and can only be retained upon payment of a 50% deposit to reserve yours. Cash, Revolut & Paypal are accepted methods of payment.

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