Bloom Retreat in Ghasri, Gozo

Bloom Retreat in Ghasri, Gozo

Join us on a path to self-liberation and empowerment.

17th – 22nd October 2024

Recoding Nourishment – A Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Detox

Event Details

• Date and time of the retreat: 17th – 22nd May 2024

• Duration of the retreat: 6 days, 5 nights

• Dream Hamlet Trejqet Dun Ġużepp Cassar, L- Ghasri Gozo

Hosted in a Luxury Countryside Retreat Estate, you will immerse yourself in a knowledge-based approach to integrative wellness. Because knowledge is power, and it inspires change.

Wisdom of the East meets the West

Wisdom of the East meets the West, through purifying Yogic Kriya meditations & breathing techniques, Vipassana art of living, Restorative Yogic movements and Energy Alignment Activations combined with Sound Healing Therapy, can help you to regain strength, enhance mental, emotional and physical flexibility, balance hormones & the nervous system, cultivate inner peace and enhance a more serene approach to external stressors.


“Cleansification” through effective and painless intestinal detoxification resulting of juice fasts and plant based nutrition. People choose to do a juice cleanse as a way to reset their body, improve their overall health, and kick-start their weight loss journey. A juice cleanse is intended to eliminate toxins and nourish the body with nutrients that can help it repair itself.

The goal is to give your digestive system a break from having to process solid foods and allow it time to rejuvenate, reduce common inflammation and support a healthy microbiome, especially as we will be including kombucha as part of the program.

Movement therapy

Movement therapy, ancient clearing and purifying breathing techniques known as Kriyas which can solve decade-old residues. The Kriya technique is much more direct. It helps the practitioner to control the life force by mentally drawing it up and down the spine, with awareness and will.

It is an instrument through which human evolution can be quickened. Kriya and Asana practice that can help us to align our subconscious minds and to channelize the direction of the energy flow. Kriya is all about spiritual growth. It helps to create awareness and self-consciousness through meditation.

Somatic Vital Energy Alignment

Somatic Vital Energy Alignment sessions have been gaining attention in wellness and personal growth circles. This technique is a direct transmission of energy that awakens and elevates energy, our vital energy. It also helps release energetic blockages, reduce stress and improve sleep quality to name a few benefits

Restorative Yogic Practices

Restorative Yogic Practices, if you’re ready to jump off the stress treadmill and try a little self- care Restorative Yoga may be a good place to start. The low-intensity poses of Restorative Yoga can calm your endocrine system and enhance wellness. The real beauty of Restorative Yoga is that most people can partake.

While you might need a certain fitness level to practice some of the more strenuous types of yoga (think power or aerial yoga), Restorative Yoga is friendly to people of any fitness level. The muscles are not engaged. Instead, they are supported in a way that encourages relaxation.

Sound Resonance & Frequency Therapy

Sound Resonance & Frequency Therapy because, everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency. Those vibrations interact with every cell in your body. In order words, the vibrations made by instruments or vocals can actually interact with your body’s cells to create specific results. In this case, to encourage homeostasis. These vibrations can also affect your brainwave frequencies.

• Rebekah – Somatic Vital Energy Alignment Activation facilitator, Kriya breath work coach, meditation & movement teacher

• Magda – Holistic Restorative Yogic Professional

• Nivek & Sankara Sound Frequency & Resonance Therapists

• (Healthylicious by Stefania Calleja) – will confirm in a week or so who will service the nutritional needs of the retreat.

What the program looks like:
Yogic Kriya meditations, somatic movements & breathing techniques

Kriyas are Yogic & Ayurvedic techniques which help cleanse the body. Utilising Kriyas can improve energy levels, improve digestion, alleviate the respiratory system, reduce common ailments & illnesses, & bring about better bodily awareness, to name a few benefits.

Kriya practice clears and stimulates the brain and gives strength, while greatly magnetizing the body’s, saturating and feeding to all its physical cells with undecaying light, keeping them in a state of homeostasis. The Meditations and various Asanas help in connecting body and soul to the divine presence, thus helping in attaining inner peace.

Vipassana art of living

Vipassana art of living can stimulate awareness, self-control, and a sense of peace. The goal of the practice is the total purification of the mind, the development of values such as compassion and equanimity, and the increase of empathy.

Vipassana, meaning “to see things as they really are,” is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. Vipassana is a form of mental training that will teach you to experience the world in an entirely new way. We will navigate through 3 days of silence modifying the practice as a way of integrating its essential benefit into our 6 day experience, nurturing space for sharing once a day in the evening.

Restorative Yogic movements

Restorative Yoga is the practice of Asanas, each held for longer than in conventional Yoga, often with the support of props such as folded blankets, pillows and blocks, to relax the body, reduce stress, and often to prepare for deeper pranayama practice, as part of Yoga Nidra practice or to restore balance within and without.

Vital Energy Alignment Sessions

The Kundalini Activation Process, has been gaining attention in wellness and personal growth circles. This is a direct transmission of energy that awakens and elevates energy, our vital energy. Unlike other practices where one self-generates the energy within oneself, this practice does not require any prior preparation and the recipient is not required to do anything.

Each session is different from the last, and there are a variety of things that can happen. While it is true that experiences may vary from person to person, after a session, many participants report profound realizations, a clearer perspective, stronger intuition, changes in perception of reality, heightened sensory development, an ability to feel deeply, deeper states of consciousness, a sense of purpose in life, greater and deeper connection with themselves, states of absolute joy, non-dual states of consciousness, oneness, among other benefits.

In addition, KAP can help release energetic blockages, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. It is important to remember that the effects may vary from person to person and that with each session, new things are released.

Sound Healing Therapy

Many also believe that sound can heal the body. That’s because humans have a natural instinct for sound therapy. Each organ and part of our body operates at it’s own frequency and each responds to other frequencies in their own way. Healthy people have a smaller range and our bodies function well between 62-72MHz.

Disease begins at 58 MHz. The state of our health and well-being is directly affected by the frequency of our body, and our frequency is affected by the frequency of the things we come in contact with.

Sound therapy synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal frequencies of the cells in our bodies, thus helping clear energetic blockages & facilitate balance on a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level.

The Venue

We are excited to announce the Venue we chose for our beautiful retreat goers An amazing large country estate, with 2 private pools and indoor Jacuzzi (heated), air- conditioning & heating flooring and breath-taking country & sea views.

Guaranteed to exceed expectations, this wonderfully spacious property is elegantly furnished to complement the peaceful and laid-back ambience of its surroundings.

Overlooking uninterrupted undulating valleys, the terraces boast the most spectacular sunsets where we will be hosting most of our sessions. Each room is en-suite, although the estate also has two spare facilities situated on the ground floor.

The fully equipped kitchen is comfortable & practical for all our daily needs. Three double rooms are available and four twin rooms allow us to accommodate a limited number of guests, ensuring individual attention throughout the activities of our program. The property also enjoys a communal mini-gym & sauna.

Included in this accommodation: All beds will be prepared with the appropriate bed linen, along with extra blankets in the wardrobes should you need further layers.

In addition to this, you will also be provided with two towels per person – which will be placed on the beds ready for use. Ghasri is the smallest village in Gozo and probably the quietest. It is situated in the northwest part of the island. Ramla Beach is just 7 km away. Although secluded & private a fourth knock away from all amenities

The village lies huddled between a few hills and borders Gharb, Kercem, Victoria and Zebbug.

Archaeological finds point to early use of the area and include Neolithic remains found on the hill of Gordan dating to about 4500BC, while Punic Tombs were also discovered in Wied il-Ghasri. Meanwhile the name of the village has obvious Arab origins, since the verb ‘Ghasar’ means to squeeze and it probably indicates that in this location olives were traditionally crushed for their oil.Enjoy a walk through Wied L-Ghasri, especially in Winter and Spring.

Wied il-Ghasri winds its way between Zebbug and Gordan Hill to the sea into a secluded little inlet wedged between some very impressive cliffs. This spot makes a quiet bathing haven which is ideal for swimming.

The hills themselves make for some fun exploration. Gurdan Lighthouse, which dates from 1853, rises 180 metres above sea-level and has an interesting story. Those who take the challenge of trekking up the rather steep path to the hilltop will be rewarded with some marvellous 360 degree views of Gozo.

Shared occupancy room, Shared Twin or Double Room


A great option for friends or couples traveling together. Or for a solo traveller who is happy to share a room.

Equipped with comfortable double or twin beds, air conditioning & a private bathroom with a shower.

All our bedrooms have crisp white cotton bedding, towels, complimentary natural shower gel and shampoo, hairdryers, and beautiful views of green nature.

Luxury Private Single Occupancy Room


Equipped with a comfortable double bed, air conditioning, and a private bathroom with a shower.

All our bedrooms have crisp white cotton bedding, towels, complimentary natural shower gel and shampoo, hairdryers, and beautiful views to the green nature.


Experience the ultimate retreat on this serene and quaint Gozitan island estate. Luxuriate in nature’s embrace as you embark on a journey of self-discovery, detoxification and rejuvenation. Register today for this exceptionally curated wellness experience and Reserve your spot now, for an unforgettable escape into tranquility and transformation facilitated by professionals in a blissful setting guaranteed to assist you in embracing a healthier version of yourself.

If any queries arise or you would like more information how to register do connect with us.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you into a new paradigm of wellness.

Additional 10% discounts for couples, pairs of friends travelling together and for referrals participant will recieve a free private treatment during their stay i.e. massage, private yoga session or 1 2 1 session with the resident holistic therapist.

Early bird discounts until 1st May 2024

Luxury Private Single Occupancy Room


Shared Twin or Double Room


Retreat Biographies of facilitators


Body Whisperer a professional Therapist

Sankara is known as a Body Whisperer a professional Therapist in diverse holistic & empowering therapies, well immersed in the tantric arts, bio hacking, body massage, de-armouring and will be offering her heart felt voice and gifted ability of sharing healing music through Sound Therapy throughout the retreat with beautiful all encompassing sound healing experience.

A unique treat that @Nikaralchemy will be sharing. Sankara is a deep being, a question maker, a seeker, a finder, a doubt destroyer, and a creator of possibilities, the hajooka of the tribe, she can find the positive and humoristic spot of everything and anything.

Her very passion is to dig very deep in the earth and flesh. She loves to find the paradox in everything and going into the polarities so far and so close that we can find the neutral missing piece off balance. Exploring and discovering through all the maps of your body- mind, finding the connections to your spirit.

Kevin (Nivek)

Biohacker @Nikaralchemy

Since a young age he knew that there must be more to life than the concepts and drama that this reality is structured upon. His innate sense of wonder and rebellion lead him through a meandering path of self rediscovery.

The last 10 years or so he has been facilitating Sound Healing in a particular modality that has unfolded through his own experiences of healing and restoration.

Having assisted and studied in Entheogens, meditation, Self Inquiry, Shamanism and countless other modalities and practices in the path of rediscovery. The Wonder of his soul is his biggest talent. He is powerful, gentle and a free spirit, open to infinite possibilities and is held by deep sweet & wise roots. Sound & Deep conversations are what truly move his sensitive essence.

 Kevin currently focuses on facilitating a simple, effective Sound Journey that can bring spaciousness & lightness from which the self empowerment can be initiated. Kevin & Sankara are a Duo called @Nikaralchemy and will be offering their genius through Sound alchemy.


Founder of The Yoga Dose

Magyogii is an enthusiastic yoga teacher & life-long student, who joins us this transformative retreat as a facilitator. Full of energy, joy, and a passion to support others, she creates an environment that encourages self-inquiry, self-care, and personal growth.

Magyogii’s love for people, nature, music, and dance brings a unique and uplifting energy to their teaching style. As an experienced yoga practitioner, her dedication to wellness and guiding individuals on their journey towards finding true freedom is her primary nuance.

Magyogii is the founder of The Yoga Dose which approaches yoga with an inspirational zest throughout this detoxifying & rejuvenating  retreat. She approach to yoga and life ensures that anyone who connects to her competencies will be greatly transformed.

Stefania Calleja

Chef/Nutritional expert

An educator and food entrepreneur, Stefania, apart from her full-time job as a teacher of Home Economics, in 2013 founded Healthylicious, a project with the fundamental aim of promoting a healthy and more conscious way of eating through culinary classes and other food-related events. She has been promoting healthy eating through live cooking on TV shows and recipe features.

In 2012 she completed the bachelor’s degree in education specialising in Nutrition, Family and Consumer Studies and in 2022 she completed a master’s degree in education with a speciality in culinary and nutrition education programmes. Throughout the years, she also followed various culinary training programmes both locally and abroad.

She is currently the Chairperson of Home Economists in Action (HEiA), and a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta specialising in culinary skills and applied nutrition.

Rebekah De bono

The Mystic Yogi

Rebekah De bono, The Mystic Yogi, is known as the soul whisperer offering all the encompassing benefits of integrated therapeutic holistic practices, effectively curated to cultivate expansive experiences for those seeking self empowerment.

The sessions, workshops, retreats & trainings are all founded on the key components of Shamanism, Somatic Yoga, Energy Alignment,  Meditation principles and Aromatherapy. Her personal experiences founded on growth, self development & self discovery evolved from a dark night of the soul to the dissolving of everything known to her existence.

The art of rebirthing and re inventing herself have culminated into this expansive & diverse path. Her empowerment into this field was founded on individuation, pioneering of transcendence and full self acceptance. Totality, pertaining from being the paintbrush, the canvas and the paint.

"We are creators, it's our existence. Happiness is our choice. we choose to change or to stay the same. We can all tell a different story if we choose to. It's all choice. Nothing is bad or good, but there is nothing worse than staying in a place that's uncomfortable because it's familiar & safe. Life is an adventure, meant to be experienced & everyone is a divine soul"
- Rebekah De bono