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The principles of all my offerings are founded on grace, pleasure, love, empowerment, support, humility, compassion, intuition and freedom.
We are walking eachother home, let’s walk together.

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Mandy Portelli
Mandy Portelli
I have been attending various activities and participating in events by the Maltese Mystic Yogi for the past year and I have been supported in multiple ways including on an emotional, spiritual and mental level. Rebekah is a highly spiritually connected individual who's tarot readings are extremely accurate. Additionally she is very compassionate and empathetic, hence her readings are not only insightful, but also kind and very supportive. I have also attended lunar circles which not only are interesting due to the astrological insights which is provided, but also for the self-development questions and affirmations which are given at the sessions. These provide me with some structure and focus towards my own self development journey and help me create goals and boundaries for myself. Additionally, vulnerability and openness are welcome at these sessions, people share struggles or challenges or even blessings that they are experiencing. There is a sense of community and friendship which is created and that is very beautiful. I am also completing a shamanism course with Rebekah which is providing me not only with tools to support myself and practice grounding and calm, I am also learning to draw wisdom and guidance from with myself and all around me. Ultimately aiding me to approach life in a more authentic and honest way. I am truly grateful to the aid and assistance that Rebekah has provided me. I highly highly recommended her services. She is an incredible teacher and mentor and an equally beautiful soul. 🙏
Albane Dechêne
Albane Dechêne
Rebekah is the most caring and generous person I met. I joined several sessions with her: empowered dance, Vital Energy Alignement, Sound bath… it is always a new enriching experience on a personal and relational level. Since I met Rebekah I am finding many answers in my life, and more self confidence to achieve my goals. I am growing spiritually and I’m getting closer to her as a true human relationship. Thank you Rebekah 🩵
Carlo Bugeja
Carlo Bugeja
Attending to Rebekah’s sessions left me with a very positive and calm feeling. I appreciate her dedication to excellence and in a very positive impact which I would recommend to everyone so can experience those magical emotions.
Christal Pistininzi
Christal Pistininzi
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a session with Rebekah on Mystic Yogi, and it was nothing short of transformative. Her deep knowledge and expertise are evident from the moment you begin speaking with her. Rebekah offers a wide range of services, from insightful Tarot readings to profound Kriya Yoga practices, ensuring a holistic approach to your spiritual journey. Her compassionate and intuitive nature made me feel completely at ease, and I left each session with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. Whether you're new to these practices or looking to deepen your understanding, I highly recommend Rebekah for her exceptional guidance and wisdom. Five stars all the way!
Alba Orcajo
Alba Orcajo
Rebekah is a multi talented being, you can ask her anything and she will be there for you, she is a super giver and always ready to support and help everyone. I feel her warm love and compassion in every session...! 💕
emna hammedi
emna hammedi
Since I started coming to the Mystic yogi events I feel the peace upon me &light and serenity🦋🩵 I invite you to join Rebekah’s community I absolutely adore all of her events they are all special&exciting and unique just like her 🩵🦋 PS: you will Feel the shift in your everyday life 🙌🏽
Sarah Draginich
Sarah Draginich
Maltese Mystic Yogi has provided me with immense support and guidance through various practices. Not only is she gifted but she has incredible patience, knowledge and provides a safe and nurturing space. I highly recommend seeking her services to provide guidance on your own journeys.
Maurizio Solfanelli
Maurizio Solfanelli
Rebekah does her passion with passion, has positive and transforming energy, a mix of courage and Love, if you to be healed she ll do it, if you need to grow she will be there, she will teach you to be the changing you want do yoy
About Me

Meet Rebekah!

My name is Rebekah, I’m from a small island called Malta 🇲🇹 I’ve been travelling about and living away since 1999. I’m presently based in Malta, but I’m always deeply surrendered to the direction the wind blows and where the elements guide me to spread seeds ofnlove & nourishment.

I’m a spirtual entrepreneur facilitating and organising Sound healing therapy, Cacao ceremonies, Lunar medicine circles, Meditation, Reiki & Seichem Master training courses, (KAP) Kundalini Activation Process, Kriya Kundalini Yoga sessions, workshops & trainings, Crystal Therapy courses, sessions and workshops and also a practitioner and teacher of contemporary Shamanism. 

Discover mysterious soul!

Available Therapies

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Sometimes we feel stuck and Can't find a solutions to a problems, we wonder why we have difficulty breaking patterns and want to know how to heal the situations. Through a little spiritual guidance light can be shed on all of these aspects.

Kundalini Activation Process

Kundalini Activation is a natural and safe process that supports your mental, physical and emotional health & well-being. Vital Energy Alignment Kundalini Activation, are a natural process that won't shock your system in any way.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing is a Holistic Therapy in which crystals and other stones are used to bring homeostasis. The crystals act as conduits for energy flow — allowing positive, healing energy to move in the body as dense energy flows out.

Somatic Yoga

When practicing Yoga for some time we can develop and increase the flow of energy to the chakras and in our physical body, in this way we are able to develop and to revive every part of our body, mind and spirit and learn how to bring awareness into it through the cultivation of our senses.


A Reiki practitioner channels life force energy through their hands onto another. It’s said that spiritual guidance enables the Reiki to flow through the affected parts of the subject’s energy field and charges them with positive energy. Reiki releases stress and tension by creating deep relaxation thus, promoting Homeostasis

Self Development

Self-development offers a powerful pathway to wholeness and fulfillment, empowering us to align with our true essence and live authentically. As we embrace the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, we awaken all infinite possibilities from within us and step into our power with courage and grace.


"Nourish your mind, soothe your soul. Find solace in the sanctuary of self-discovery."


Retreats, Events & Workshops

Upcoming Activities & Events

I am thrilled to invite you to embark on a transformative journey with the Maltese Mystic Yogi community. Our upcoming retreats, events, and workshops offer profound opportunities for deepening your spiritual practice, nurturing your soul, and connecting with like-minded souls.

Furthermore, our activities and events- are designed to empower you with practical tools and insights for living a mindful and purposeful life.

Whether you’re interested in learning, trying a new way of living or venturing on a journey, together on the path of self-discovery, we invite you to join us in creating a supportive and nurturing community dedicated to personal and collective evolution. Together, let us cultivate a space of love, acceptance, and authentic connection, where each individual can thrive and shine their brightest light.

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Rebekah is via Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp video – allowing clients from across the globe to benefit from her services.

The live visual and audio connection that is available via Zoom and other platforms, mirrors the closeness of in-person healing while maintaining the comfort and convenience of being at home.

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