Kriya Yoga

The Yoga asanas are aimed, among other things, to affect the transfer of energy and balance spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Alignment in Yoga also refers to energetic alignment. This is what creates the Mystic factor in Yoga.

What Is KriyAsana Yoga?

When speaking of the basics of Yoga, one is likely talking about Hatha yoga, the most commonly practised school of the discipline. However, another ancient Yoga style is becoming increasingly popular today: 

Kriya Yoga is a Somatic Yoga.

Regular practice of Kriya Yoga can help individuals achieve inner peace and attain oneness with the cosmos.

Kriya Yoga is the Yoga of ‘action’ or ‘awareness’.

This style of Yoga uses meditation techniques like pranayama, mantras, and mudras or spiritual hand gestures to stimulate mental and emotional growth. The ultimate goal of this ancient practice is spiritual awakening.

The practice of Kriya Yoga includes the following:
• Meditation
• Mantra chanting
• Pranayama, or breathing exercises
• Asanas, or postures
• Mudras, or hand gestures

Benefits of Kriya Yoga

Regular practice of Kriya Yoga has many benefits for the mind, body and soul of an individual, and these include:
1. Spiritual growth
Kriya Yoga energises the entire body – all its organs, tissues and cells. In a way, the body gets magnetised and energised to keep itself healthy. A healthy body is home to a healthy soul. By improving the home, Kriya Yoga also enhances the individual’s spiritual growth.
2. By improving the home controlling the mind
The body must first be calmed and quietened to control one’s mind. Kriya Yoga can help with this. Regular practice of Kriya Yoga calms the mind and makes it more efficient by increasing blood flow and oxygen supply.
3. Intellectual development
Kriya Yoga boosts circulation in the head and stimulates brain cells to work at their maximum potential, which helps in the intellectual development of an individual, improving memory recall and retention. 
4. Personality development
Practising Kriya Yoga also helps improve one’s personality. It makes the individual more aware of their negative traits and habits, allowing one to address them without being troubled.
5. Cleanses and unblocks the chakras
Kriya Yoga is known to cleanse and unblock the different chakras. This Yoga style can relieve routine problems like feeling tired and weary, lack of focus, etc.

What Yoga Styles Are Offered?

KriyAsana Yoga Restorative Yoga Kundalini Ying Yang Yoga Yoga Therapy For Individual Needs P/T Hatha Yoga Alignment For Individual Needs P/T

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