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Many ask me questions about what can one feel and why are peoples reactions during a Kundalini Activation Energy Alignment Process Experience so different.

There are many reasons actually not just one answer. During a Kundalini Activation Energy Alignment Process session, not everyone has an energetic physical response.

Contrary to what social media portrays, this aspect though demonstrative of the prominent tangibility of the experience is highlighted to catch the attention of those who are curious.

This isn’t a bad thing. Many people still don’t have a clear understanding of what Kundalini Activation is and often confuse is with a forced awakening. (For information in detail about this, visit

It is true that movement can occur and range from vigorous and energetic to subtle and gentle.

It is however one of the many aspects and not the only facet.

If you don’t experience movement, that doesn’t mean that you haven’t recieved an activation contrary, it simply highlights how energy is intelligent enough to move where it is able to be recieved and that you will only ever recieve what you are open to recieving.

No more or less.

Here are some other reasons as to why some may recieve a more subtle energetic expression during a Kundalini Activation.

1. Layers of conditions that may need time to be released during the process.

2. Ego denoting nothing to be processed

3. High expectations

4. Surrendering doesn’t come easy to you.

5. The present moment isn’t your favourite place to be.

6. Having an overly rational mindset and controlling tendency may also be a reason for a more subtle receipt of energy.

7. Suppression of what wants to arise due to fear or apprehension of letting go.

Activating your life force energy is more than just about having a physical reaction to the energy.

Kundalini activation is a very deep yet subtle experience most of the time, where you will recieve exactly what you need for where you are on your life journey.

Within each of us is a very tangible & palpable, yet very subtle experience that is not at all related to our mind or emotions.

Are you ready to tap into this experience ?

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