The next full moon is on July 5, 2020, in the sign of Capricorn.

This full moon is bringing with it a serious urge to feel useful, in all spaces of your life. From helping friends to raising family, and even assisting the world with whatever superpower you hold within.

It’s also a good time to enjoy learning something, to take on something new, and to allow it to penetrate your life and inspire your days.

It will empower you to get some serious good done along the way, benefitting both yourself and those around you.

Capricorn finds comfort in working hard and adorns growth. We all have the sea-goat qualities in our charts somewhere, just dig a little in your charts to uncover some depth.

Of course, if you wish, let me know how I can help you harness the lunar energies through decoding your astrological charts.

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun, this can make communication a little erratic, depending mostly on your rising signs, moon signs, where you are on your path, and how conscious are you of your spirituality.

What’s more, Mercury is presently retrograde, so that adds a little damper to the already conflicting planetary energies.

As an Earth sign, Capricorn embodies practicality and rationality. A true diplomatic realist at heart.

Capricorn’s energy has a low tolerance to BS and is always ready to take charge, be realistic, and work the world under the table to achieve the objectives in focus.

But what does it mean when a full moon is in Capricorn?

Major shifts around work and power are in store for the Full Moon in Capricorn, known as the Full Buck Moon.

During this powerful Full Moon, the Universe will be offering you a chance to tap into energy allowing you to reset your path, show you the integrity of hidden truths, and force away stagnant or unresolved issues and decisions to an ultimate head through smokey mirrors.

The ultimate word that will keep your vibrations constant is surrender.

No control, only radical acceptance, and self-observation. Not self-criticism.

This is a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn and it has a major impact on careers and businesses (which makes sense, given that Capricorn is a work and stability-seeking sign).

This Full Moon is conjunct with planet Pluto, which rules overpower, transformation, secrets, and karmic debts. Basically the plunger of our personal solar system.

This Full Moon is a live evocation of your sense of living your purpose fully and doing it with confidence in what you want to achieve in life. Walking Boldly in full surrender of where you have arrived so far and what is your next move. Which is why SURRENDER is the word 😉

Another aspect that is filling our ether this Full Buck Moon is how we are utilizing our innate gifts & talents. The insight will surface, signs will come forward. Quiet the busy mind to welcome these notions from an anchored heart. Bring out some green, blue, orange, and red crystals.

Etheric clarity, self belief and powerful motivation will enable your hidden blesings to surface.

Because Capricorn is all about structure and order, we will be faced with circumstances where we will be required to observe time as the time masters and relinquish being ruled by time.

Partnerships, collaboratives, friendships, possible allies on co creative projects and resources, all fall within the vibrations encompassing this Full Moon in Capricorn.

Confidence will be flowing within your veins, as this Full Moon illuminates the focus of where you envision yourself and what action plan you will structure to reach that prospect.

After the emotional tsunami brought about by the current retrogrades, planets going direct & eclipes, this moon’s vibrant, inspiring energy is going to make us feel invigorated rather than exhausted.

As the last major luminary of the astrological year, This full moon is a powerful one in many different ways.

Like all Full moons, it carries the energy of culminations which will enable us to tie loose ends and dust off anything that needs to find it’s place back into the womb of mother Earth, where under the illumination of the glorious Full Buck Moon all the unnecessary will become formless and harmless, through space and time.

If you are local join me on the 5th July at 630pm where I will host a Full Moon Mystical ceremony on Manoel Island in Gzira.

We will flow through some simple Yogic stretches to energise our mind, body & spirit, Meditate with crystals and all the participants will receive 2 cards bot readings which will offer insight into the energies you’re working through this Full Moon.

A wonderful opportunity for those who are open to working with the beautiful & divine lunar energy.

For more about this event of to participate, visit the facebook page The Maltese Mystic Yogi events or Instagram Maltese_Mystic_Yogi and let me know how I can support your spiritual path.

Love, Light and Lunar Blessings