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Whats is Retrograde?

Astronomers call this an optical illusion. Basically, when a planet is in retrograde it is seen to go backwards, The opposite of retrograde is known as the direct motion.

Why is Mercury Retrograde Dreaded?

Astrologers believe that the Moon, stars, planets, and Sun affect happenings here on Earth, and that each planet in our Solar System rules a different aspect of life.

Mercury which is known to be ruled by the Greek god and is said to govern transportation and communication.

Many dread Mercury’s retrograde motion and believe that, when the planet travels backwards, its power to positively influence these areas is destabilized and this can lead to chaos.

The Mercury retrograde phenomenon range from misunderstandings, arguments or falling out with friends to lost mail or luggage to car accidents and technology fails and it has been also known to create set backs on conducting important business and flights have also be know to be delayed to name a few.

What will the Mercury Retrograde crystal grid videos do for you?

These videos will insight you to familiarize yourself a little bit more with crystals & crystal grids, Mercury Retrograde and on how to keep a raised vibration during these 3 weeks.

You will learn what each crystals’ purpose is within the parameters of Mercury Retrograde and which energy centre they resonate with and you will also learn & understand a step by step process on how to piece the grid together.

How do i put it together?

Follow the video, be intuitive and follow the instructions below.

Within the inner circle are 8 crystals that resonate with the Throat and Heart energy centres and 4 double terminated quartz points at the North, South, East & West to keep the grid constantly flowing & clear

Within the outer circle are 4 crystals that vibrate frequencies that resonate with the heart & throat energy centres and 4 single terminated smokey quartz points at the North, South, East & West to dispel any unwanted energy from the grid.

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