Many ask me about where it all started and so i thought i would share the foundation of my soul path which was just the stargate into the awakenin of my innate ability to connect to what we dont see with the eyes but feel with the soul.

It all starts with what we call in yogic practices kundalini awakening. Here is a very simply explained relatable notion of what your kundalini is, where it is said to be located, what it is made of, what awakens it, the science behind it and the 4 stages to uncoil it.

Kundalini is one of the sources of life force/pranic energy/chi and consciousness which is said to be coiled at the base of the spine as the spine developed in the womb.

It is represented symbolically as a serpent that is coiled 3 ½ times within us at the base of the spine.

The three coils of kundalini indicate three Gunas that are Rajas, Sattva, and Tamas. The half coil represents transcendence.

It stays with us until we die and then it goes back to source, which is the supreme soul or whatever else yoù call it.

With the help of yoga and other spiritual practices, one can set the life force or the pranic energy free.

When this energy is liberated, the life force arises from the base of the spine through all the energy points (7 chakras) and results in an ultimate state of consciousness.

This whole process is called Kundalini Awakening.

According to Satguru, kundalini awakening is like lighting a bulb. He says, Muladhara chakra is a plug point and Sahasrar chakra is the light bulb. All other chakras are plugs that we have to plug into the plug point, to lighten the bulb. We need to be steady and calm to plug-in into the plug point. Yoga is the science that will make us able to plug-in to this uninterrupted source of power.

According to the science of the practice of Yoga, the Kundalini awakening is an act, to flow the pranic energy from the Muladhara chakra to Sahasrara chakra, through the help of the other five chakras we have within the body.(there are many other chakras you will have knowledge in according to where you are on your journey)

Kundalini awakening brings a lot of changes in our physical body and the other subtle bodies intrinsically and extrinsically effecting also the emotional spiritual and transcendental states.

The change starts from the base of our spine. Once the kundalini starts to rise from the base of the spine, it purifies the mind, soul and the body. It generates awareness & a sense of consciousness from within.

Its awakening centres us in every situation. It generates certain psychic powers within us that increase our will power and mental power.

This awakening moves our creative & activates a strength and internal power that’s inconceivable unless experienced.

Kundalini energy is a divine form of energy. We gain an attitude of acceptance, whether positive or negative. We make wise choices and we understand things through a higher percieved consciousness.

The main motive to tap into the Kundalini awakening, is self-realization, to know what we are and what we are capable of, to reach within this energy, to know how many powers we have and to delve into the conscious use of it.

There is a science to energy and magic of awakening your innate abilities through the Kundalini uncoiling process.

While in meditation, we feel some powers. These powers are actually electromagnetic waves, we call them the aura in a nut shell. These are spiritual and cosmic powers, that we feel during any spiritual practice.

Due to certain spiritual practices, this energy/auric field creates some vibrations at the base of the spine where kundalini exists. This leads to the awakening of Kundalini

There are 4 known stages that lead to the awakening of the Kundalini. Please be aware everyone’s path is different and its useless rushing this process remember the eyes will only percieve what the mind is willing to work with. And like all spiritual awakenings this is no different.

Opening pandoras box without being ready to face your deepest darkest nature can have severe concequences so i always advise you to find a mentor and get to know yourself with love and humility. Set small goals and path yourself on the back coz noone else will.

Its a journey have humility and compassion for yourself and others along the way. (Note to self all my life)

Awakening stage (Arambha): In the first stage the Brahma knot is opened. This knot is the seal within the base chakra, that is very close to Kundalini, therefore, it is important to open the Brahma knot for the kundalini to be set free.

Cleansing stage (Ghata): The next seal in the way of kundalini is Vishnu knot, which is the lock of the heart chakra. Once the Vishnu knot is opened, the kundalini is free and it moves through the heart chakra to all the parts of the body internally & externally cleansing our body from our learned behviour.

Absorption stage (Pacihaya): This is the stage when the cleansing is done. In this stage, the body absorbs the energies of kundalini and removes the energy that inhibits you from accessing inner knowingness.

The final stage ( Nishpatti): This is the stage when the knot of Ajana chakra(third eye chakra) is opened. At this stage kundalini also moves through from the Ajana chakra to Crown chakra.

Attaining these stages is not that easy as it seems. You will not gain the self-awareness that easily. You might face many distractions and problems in this whole journey. It will take time to do this whole process.

But even so, every journey begins with one step and the science of yoga and its practices is a very beautiful and nourishing way of connecting to yourself within and without towards the path of self realization.

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