New Moons are always a time to rebirth and generally, they resonate to the sign they’re placed in.

This month’s new Moon falls in the air sign of Libra. It’s a sign known for on balance, harmony, and partnerships.

If you aren’t familiar with what’s going on in the sky right now, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are currently all retrograde.

When a planet is retrograde, it means that it appears to be moving backward in its orbit from our point of view on Earth.

Periods of retrograde signify a time for reflection and revaluation, as well as a need to potentially recycle old lessons.

Think of all new Moons as a proverbial cosmic blank slate. Its a chance to go for new projects, ideas and set off on the initiatives you’ve been envisioning.

The new moon encourages fearlessness and occur at the start of the lunar cycle.

During this time, the Moon gives the illusion of not actually being there and while new Moons are less stupafying than full Moons, it is believed by occultists, astrologers and magickal folk that they offer a potent opportunity to take chances to make changes and choices towards a bold new direction.

The new Moon usually lasts three days and is a powerful time to manifest and set intentions so get out your vision boards, diary’s, journals and note books and start jotting down your wildest visions, thoughts and dreams.

If you don’t believe in the magick of the darkest lunar phases’ ability to tune into your power to manifest, then maybe this isn’t for you.

But if you do then this blog is basically a few rituals that you can do with yourself or others aligned to the energy of the beautiful zodiac sign Libra.

Here are a few rituals for you to indulge in for this month’s New Moon in Libra.

1)Venus is ruler of the sign Libra. So just for this time gather some candles, flowers crystals and salts all aligned to the colour of beloved Goddess Venus, put on some warm sounds and have a luxuriously decadent bath ala Venus.

If you are attuned to another Goddess and wish to dedicate this ever to her all Goddesses are one Goddess so by all means feel free. Be sure to check the correspondences aligned for the colours etc.. when your are done and ready, Close your eyes & think about the relationships you want to be in not just the romantic kind but the friendships, partnerships and relations you wish to cultivate. Take your journal to the bath and elaborate.

2) Make this month one to build a relationship with yourself, confidence, self-esteem, self discipline all attributes of self love. Wake up each morning until the next new moon, repeating positive affirmations whilst looking into your eyes in the mirror. Internalise them, say them with heartfelt belief, even if they are hard to believe, you’ve got to trust in yourself to make it with others. So, say them with discipline & affirm the self love as you begin to cultivate it intentionally.

3) Ground the airy Libra energy by spending some time in meditation on the eve of the new moon and on the couple of days around it to assert your intentions. Because Libra is airy it can be difficult to find focus so clearing the fog and clutter will assist you to cultivate some clear motives to create, balance and unify this new moon.

4) Those that are working on themselves and a deeply aligned to their healing journey can choose to connect to their inner child and work on healing any aspect of their relationship with it by writing a letter of forgiveness to your younger self. You may choose to also wrote a letter of thanks or just a letter of praise. Wherever you are on your journey bring authenticity to what you are cultivating, I find that always works best

5) Because we can manifest anything we want we can also make things disappear during the New moon therefore its a great time to perform a cutting cord ritual

The Cord Cutting Ritual:

1. Find a quiet place where you can be alone and not disturbed. Begin by relaxing your body and taking a few deep breaths.

2. Once relaxed, close your eyes and call upon your spirit guides or angels to help guide you through the process.

3. Upon feeling the presence of your guides, recite the following mantra:

4. “Dear Spirit Guides, I call upon you to help me heal, let go, and cut any etheric cords that are no longer serving my higher purpose. I ask that all cords attached to me that are not aligned with love, light and positive attention be released. Help me to release them and surround me with a healing light to protect me from future attachments. Thank You.”

5. You may need to repeat the mantra 2-3 times. You can also close your eyes and visualize the cords being released, as well as the healing light surrounding you.

(You can of course tweak this ritual to your liking, there is no right or wrong- it’s ALL about your intention.)

After the ritual is over, smudge with sage or palo santo your surroundings, take a warm bath, drink plenty of water and relax in a peaceful or comfortable setting whilst journaling what you want to replace what you’ve made disappear ?
Choose the ritual that works for you and where you arenon your life’s journey.

Here are a few affirmations you may wish to engage in, infront of the mirror to rewire your thoughts throughout the month of October while cultivating a new attitude to attain those goals you’ve got set on the horizons.

I am worthy & deserving.
I am the change that activates my life.
I love the life I envision.
I am open to expansion & elevation.
I am willing to inspire & help others daily.
I am open to accept & recieve love & abundance.
I relinquish all regrets & choose miracles.
I heal myself with my inner power.
I grow and inspire those around me too.
I am supportive of myself & others
I am attuned & aligned to my higher knowingness
I handle life’s challenges with ease.

If you wish to assess where you are on your journey this month you can also go through these questions to set yourself straight and get yourself aligned to the path you’re intending to head onto.

In what areas of my life to need to reclaim power, strength & energy and what can I do to maintain the reclamation ?

What new habits or routines do I want to cultivate for myself & how do I intend to prioritise them?

In what ways have I not been consistent with the goals I have set for myself in the last month & how can I align myself to them authentically?

I suggest you answer these questions after the meditation ritual as you will have a clear mind and grounded perspective.

The crystals that may assist you on a crystal grid throughout the month of October are Green Beryl, Black Kyanite, Bronzite, Astrophylite, Unakite, Mookite, Citrine & a clear Quartz point at the centre to amplify all intent. I choose 8 crystals because the Octagram & Octagon also known as the star of Lakshmi grid, is mainly used for prosperity, abundance, growth, success, expansion, stability, determination & balance.

Green beryl

– This stone will help you let go of your unnecessary or unwanted emotional baggage. It will show you how you can process your old feelings so that they will no longer affect your present or your future.


– is used to ground us. It promotes clarity & certainty of thought & actions. Closely tied to the sacral and base chakras.

Black Kyanite

– It transmits & amplifies high-frequency energies, making it a great stone for attunements & meditation. Kyanite brings a calming, tranquilizing energy to the body. It clears and calms & assists in receiving intuitive thoughts & connects us to our highest self.


– is an energetically potent stone that infuses your entire system with light. It promotes fidelity, truth & complete honesty between partners in a relationship.

It may assist you to find your life purpose as it aids you to recognize your purpose for being here as it illuminates your true self. It gives you the ability to make major changes that will move your life journey forward in a profound way.They may also help you to truly love yourself by aiding you to come to terms with any actions in your past that you may have difficulty fully accepting.


– is a stone of vision. It balances emotions with spirituality. It provides grounding when needed, facilitates rebirthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth.

Mookaite Jasper

– connects with elemental Earth powers for increasing self-confidence, self-worth, and to realize one’s full potential. It also promotes an ageless spirit willing to accept change and seek new experiences, and awakens one’s natural instincts in knowing the right direction to take. It is an ideal tool for overcoming procrastination by revealing the true reason for avoiding certain tasks and bringing the motivation needed to resolve the issue.


– is a true yellow gemstone used for its healing properties, bringing money, abundance, luck, and prosperity. Citrine crystal is associated with amplification and manifestation abilities, bringing joy and love into your life.

Each crystal was selected based in the correspondences of this new moon in Libra including the frictions caused by the retrogrades.

Crystal grids are an incredibly powerful energy tool to use when manifesting your desires, goals and intentions.

You may ask, what is the difference between using individual stones versus a crystal grid?

The power of a crystal grid comes from the union of energies created between the healing stones, sacred geometry and your intention.

The combination of the power of crystals in a geometric pattern greatly strengthens your focused intention to manifest results much quicker.

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Love, light & prosperous New Moons Blessings

Photo credits – Marin Babanov