The Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius peaks on the 26th May!

This full moon brings with it a time that will reveal many paths and expand us into epiphanic endings, most especially along the lines of our belief systems and sense of freedom.

This Full moon is all about our desire to elevate and expand vs our readiness to accept these changes open heartedly.

It is indeed eclipsed season. An eclipse is a powerhouse time, usually only happening when the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the sun passes the plane of the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. This creates an eclipse season where the Sun, Moon and Earth line up either shadowing the Sun (creating a new Moon) or shadowing the Moon (creating a full Moon).

Our ancient Ancestors proclaimed mammoth shifts globally or individually while these shadows blocked the light and although eclipse seasons only last a couple of weeks, they usually come in two’s and happen twice in a year.

The eclipse season of 2021 will bring a Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 and a New Moon Eclipse in Gemini on June 10. After that, we get another six months eclipse-free.

Often referred to as the “axis of knowledge,” the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius are projecting us to outgrow the beliefs we’ve outgrown in order to step into our highest truth.

Yes beloved souls, this Super Flower Blood Full Moon Eclipse on the 26th May will push us to explore new heights in our individual journeys towards personal freedom in a 5th dimensional plane.

Collective and individual perceptions are shifting, especially in relation to the “truth” that has been for us so far. However, the dynamic and energy of an eclipse morphes in accordance to the astrological sign’s planetary ruler, and its aspects.

Remember, Sagittarius’ planetary ruler is Jupiter and it has just moved into the most mystical sign of Pisces. Therefore, this most definitely shakes things up a little.

Some questions to ask yourself during this very energetic full moon eclipse in Sagittarius include: What do I need to let go of to access true freedom? What lessons have I been in denial of that restrict my expansion? Where and what have I been avoiding in the form of knowledge that I need to elevate from the experiences had? Where have my beliefs limited me? What perspectives of others have I denied out of fear? What is my truth and how can I access my authenticity?

TIP…..Beliefs are what we learn and it is absolutely fine to outgrow a belief when you live through an experience that contradicts it.

TIP…..All signs would do well to spend a little time reflecting the above throughout this full moon.

Other factors to bring to the forefront while processing the current Saturn retrograde and Mercury’s Rx shadow phase, would be to deeper connect with and review what we are in denial about, reflect upon our comfort zones, restructure them and step out of them without sabotaging ourselves, connect with our organic needs and find ways for healthy self indulgence, commune with Mother Earth & with our higher selves through our own personal development, join in social conversations that we resonate with (not mindless chit chat) and connect with like minded people also diet our social lives if necessary (even if its just one person we end up hanging out with.)

TIP…….You will find that journaling and meditating will elevate your clarity as you delve into what you need to release, in order to raise your vibrations in accordance with what you wish to manifest during the New Moon in Gemini on the 10th June.

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Make sure you keep your vibes clear by smudging your physical space, cleaning and clearing your home. Its also a great time to indulge in taking purifying soaks in the bath using Epsom blends with crystals and other herbs and essences. (Contact me to order yours)

This Full moon in Sagittarius is an eclipse and a very good time to surrender anything that no longer serves you to the divine, allowing the universe to conspire in your favour.

Happy Full Moon Eclipse, beloved souls may the next six months be filled with a deeper 5th dimensional connection to your spirit and soul.

Ps this full moon avoid putting your crystals out in the moon light and instead use sage to smudge them clear and clean due to the excess release that occurs during a full moon eclipse. If you wish to put them out anyway its entirely up to you but I do not advise it.

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Love & Full moon Blessings

Photo credits – Marin Babanov