Divine Purpose is a deep inner need to create something specific in life.

A Dharma. A path of passion for purpose.

Finding that one thing that brings you bliss and sharing it with others.

No matter what it actually is for you, a Divine Purpose is something we should all find, of course, unless we haven’t found it already.

Your Divine Purpose is the reason that you’re here in this life.

It exists outside of religious background or dogma.

There is a way of existing without it, but, it will be somewhere in the back of our minds & we will always know it’s missing unless we take small actions to find it.

Finding it is a journey ✨💛 mostly within the parameters of self love, self care and self discovery.

3 things you can start doing to cultivate an awareness of your Divine purpose are


This is an amazing way of going within. Meditation is a true practice not a state of being. It decreases the external noise and stress and allows us down time from the daily distractions to really establish that connection with our soul. Practiced regularly, most certainly will assist your inner gates to open and let in the wisdom that hides behind the monkey brain.

Create a sacred space

Setting up a sacred space will allow your inner self to flourish. Free your workspace of clutter and distractions. A sacred space can be an altar, it simply needs to be attuned to your passions and doesn’t need to be spiritual or religious, unless that’s your go to. Your sacred space needs to include those items that you are passionate about and needs to be a reflection of your Divine purpose whatever it may be or becoming.


Rituals are a way of making things real and the best thing is they are flexible. They can be as simple or complex as you deem necessary. These may vary depending on where you are on your journey, from making a cup of tea, lighting some palo santo and lighting a candle can be ritualised into a way of merging our intentions with our actions. For everyday rituals, especially if you’re new at this, think along the lines of simple and easy to practice. If you like crystals, charge one with a specific purpose or make an offering to the deity or element of your preference. Use the moon phases if you’re already deeply covered in smoke and soil hahaha. If you aren’t and are completely new at this think in simple terms of self care rituals. Practice mindfulness in every act you offer yourself.

Its really up to you.

I make myself available to you all who have any queries and offer my support if you seek it.

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Blessed Be 🙌

Wishing you all a magical weekend ahead

Love in all ways
The Maltese Mystic Yogi 💖🙏🦋

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