The second new moon of this year is set to darken our skies on February 11, 2021 and is in Aquarius of course. That means things are about to get interesting in all facets of our lives.

Curious? Read on for everything you need to know about how this February 2021’s new moon in Aquarius will impact you.

The dark moon in Aquarius is going to effect all the signs in different ways and to varying degrees, but there is one major impacting aspect at play.

Aquarius is the water-bearer and the humanitarian of the Zodiac chart, this sign is simply about uniqueness, independence, striving for the highest good of all and one, aside from being fearless while thinking on your feet to make things happen.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, known for stubbornness, its explosive tendencies and impatience when they are not being understood.

While February’s Mercury retrograde and the Saturn-Uranus square may have destabilised you, slowed down your goals or got your thoughts floating between two very different mindsets, the new moon is here to relinquish a little of this unsteadiness. Get ready for the worst and best of the energy of Aquarius to play itself out in our lives.

I hear you say but what does this mean really?

This Aquarian energy impacts our individuality and emphasises empowerment, (if we are going with the flow), and unnecessarily pushing away others (if we fight the flow).

Therefore this is where the Aquarius spirit of individuality may help you recentre yourself and honour that which makes you uniquely special.

This new moon is an exceptional lunar phase to set some clear intentions. Doing so, can result in a very empowering rest of the month and even year. Its just a matter of getting absolutely clear on the prioritised goals and personal desires.

Focusing on real self love and self care and your own good qualities, will catalyse you to move away from friendships or relationships that no longer serve your quest to your highest self. Of course always best to let go with love.

This new moon in the forward thinking humanitarian zodiac sign of Aquarius is pushing us all to follow our truest purpose, its energy is simply unlike any other.

Its energy will lead us away from our baggage and the stories we know or tell ourselves amd help us focus on what we were put on this Earth for.

Living life in love, knowingness and bliss on the path of purpose like a light house in a storm, without a shadow of doubt, attracts all that you wish for. Everything. Including those desires you may have shelved.

So, here are 6 new moon rituals you can do on the 11th February to realign yourself with your true purpose in life, your sense of self and your relationships with others.

1) Get in on the law of attraction using Aquarius crystals like amethyst, garnet, hematite you choose these is quite a list.

New moons are the most opportune time to set intentions and make wishes. And so this is why we will do only little different..

Firstly, you need to write down your goal in one sentence. Be specific and choose the goal that would make you the happiest.

Then, lie down comfortable where you won’t be disturbed and place an Amethyst or any of the other crystals mentioned or that you like to use over your third-eye chakra. (preferably amethyst)

That is, the space on your forehead between your eyebrows. Now, simply say out loud the intention you wrote earlier and close your eyes

For the next 10 minutes, visualise yourself as already having achieved your goal as vividly as possible. What do you see? What do you taste? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you feel?

And don’t forget to add the most important ingredient: Emotion. Dont just imagine. Actually feel the triumph, the satisfaction & pleasure of all that encompasses your goal.

Once you are done, count backward from 10 to 1 and open your eyes.

2) Sit in deep breathing

Sit down in a comfortable position and touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your upper front teeth. Then, breathe in slowly through your nose. Let the air fill your lungs and expand your diaphragm and abdomen.

Breathing really assists us to recemtre ourselves through all challenges and brings us into the present moment.

Practice the death breath inhale for 7 seconds, hold for 7 seconds and release for 7 seconds or do a wim hoff technique whatever you resonate with more.

You can play some back ground music or just do it in silence embracing yourself and holding space for yourself with every breath.

3) Make your own ritual

What you will need Smudge stick – sage, palo santo, incense or/and maybe some essential oils (Frankincense is a powerful oil for meditation) drop a drop in your palms if not Certified pure therapeutic grade, follow the standard guidelines and blend with a little carrier oil even olive oil or coconut oil will do.

Choose a few crystals to set up a grid or place them intuitively as you wish. You can go with Aquarius crystals mentioned in this blog post or you can just go with light colours to brighten up the darker nature of the new moonphase. Its entirely up to you. Always go with your gut feeling.

Make yourself a nice cup of tea cinnamon and apple or ginger & lemon something to assist you to awaken your focus

Light some candles preferably white

Put on some peaceful music if you like to amd it insights your space.

Grab your pen & paper

Be somewhere that you can sit or lay comfortably where you will not be disturbed

When you are done you can choose to keep the list you’ve made on your altar to return to when you need to or you can also just burn it in a metal bowl and allow your wishes and goals to be with the energy of the new moon. Its entirely up to you.

4) Begin something new

New moons are fertile days within the moon phase cycle and are also the most opportune time of the month to start a new action.

Maybe you wish to attend a new class, apply for a new job, ask someone you fancy out on a date
Begin anything or everything that you feel in your hearts desires to initiate.

Of course maybe this new moon give it a miss as its Mercury retrograde and it is not the best time to start anything new so wait until this phase ends between the 20th and 21st February.

5) Light a candle

Bring a little light into your life.The practice of lighting candles and charging them with intentions is a very ancient practice that still holds importance in todays day.

When we Light candles on the darkest night of the month, it signifies our desire to attract brightness amd vibrancy into our lives.

Ask the universe to shine into your life on this new moon and on those that follow, then allow your candle to burn out on its own. Dont forget to cleanse your candle before use with some palo santo or anything you prefer to use.

If you want to amplify the experience, charge your candle with an intention you wish to manifest during this moon cycle or draw a sigil onto it.

This can be done by holding the candle, summoning feelings of gratitude & love and asking the universe for what it is you want manifest. Light the candle and allow it burn out on its own.

6) Create a sacred space

The new moon is the perfect time to set up a sacred space in your home to make your own magick.

Firstly, clean and cleanse the energy of the space where you want to do your manifestation, meditation, introspection, and/or even set up an altar.

This space shall be kept clear of clutter and mundane junk. It is where you will commune with the universe, your higher self, your guides, your deities or whatever else you commune with.

In due course, you will feel aligned to the magick you make through the space you create as soon as you enter into it.

Make sure after you have set it up, you keep it clean and tidy throughout the month, no bad vibes there.

Also don’t forget to spend a bit of time with your affirmations and intentions there too. Everything requires energising.

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Love, light & Illuninating New Moon Blessings

Photo credits – Marin Babanov