Today I was thinking about how as an emotionally intelligent being myself, I connect regularly to compassion starting towards myself.

I believe what is happening in the world right now, is indirectly pushing everybody to bring compassion to themselves and to others.

I have noticed so many beautiful exchanges and shares on social media and also while out and about (minimally)

People sharing what they have done these days, exposing their gifts with others finding pleasure and joy in the simple but essential energy to cultivate happiness and bliss in the midst of this challenging time.

WOW humanity I love you so much & thank you for keeping connected and open hearted. I pray for us all to get through this time.

Ive also read some horrific stories and received a lot of messages from people seeking guidance during this time which brings me to realise that this current state of affairs globally has also brought about alot of healing & purification both in nature & society.

There is a sense of karmic records bringing situations into redemption & justice.

The Earth is taking a breather and it seems so are all of us.

Your origin was from the pure source of love and you’re connected to this loving source at all times.

The present time has given us an opportunity to embody self care, self nurturing & space to explore creative avenues that ignite our deepest passions.

Take this time to learn, think and feel from the deepest space of self-love.

Align yourself with divine love and begin to spontaneously act from this depth-less reservoir, as it permeates every nuance of your being.

Cultivate a relationship of eternal love for yourself and that which emanates from your authentic self unless you already have.

And if you haven’t……..because every journey begins with one step, grab your Carnelian or a Rose Quartz maybe a Tigers eye and a Sunstone or a Moonstone and Lapis Lazuli and meditate from an anchored heart space.

what better way to start than from within yourself?

Let me know how I can support your journey

Love & Light