Quarantine has caused us all to re-evaluate many things in our lives and has also brought us to rethink and find possible resolves for the surreal months to come.

Through a little spiritual guidance, light can be shed. This does not mean your future will be known and the outcome will be certain. This is by no means fortune-telling. It is guidance through the ancient art of card reading.

Connect to your angels through a card reading. Know what messages they have for you and what guidance they want to give you at this time. Get clarity for any of your situations.

All Readings insight, inspire & catalyze.

At the end of the reading you will feel empowered.

I am presently offering readings online through zoom, skype, messènger video chat and whats app video chat in wake of the current circumstances.

Connect with me here to book your reading online.

I can help you find clarity and connect with your truth using the powerful tools of tarot cards, oracle cards, and angel cards.

Connect with me here on fb or Maltese Mystic Yogi at Rhiyz or www.themaltesemysticyogi.com let me know how I can support your journey

Love & Light