We welcome The Virgo New moon on 09/14/23, this is the last New Moon before the Equinox and the last New Moon before Eclipse Season begins.

The astrological weather around the Virgo New Moon is quite busy. Six planets are in retrograde and all of the outer planets are super active.

Mercury, Virgo’s planetary ruler, is retrograde. This is spinning the energy inwardly creating alot of introspection which is much needed with just 4 months left before we bring in 2024.

Mercury rules communications, making this new Moon a wonderful time to go inward and initiate a much needed conversation with ourselves

The new Moon in Virgo brings details to our intentions and reminds us that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Virgo teaches us to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work needed to manifest the reality we want to live in.

Ruler of the sixth house of health and routine, this lunation is a fruitful time to revamp our physical and spiritual rituals and focus on our wellness and well-being habits.

All the energy in the cosmos may have us feeling a little more than we would like to, but as I know everything happens for our highest good, and nothing is always or never.

Each retrograde poses and importance for our personal cycles in this paradigm. (Shared about the significance of each Maltese Mystic Holistic Healing Sanctuary last week)

Virgo season does bring about a time to identify a balance between who we could become and who we are right now.

To appreciate it all and embrace the in-between is very important at this time.

It is also essential to strike a balance between accepting ourselves as we are, and wanting to transform into the next version of ourselves.

The question to ask here is:-

How can I love & accept myself today while working on my expansion in the world?

As we work with Virgo, a time to become aware of the conditions we place on ourselves for love and acceptance becomes relevant.

What impossible level of perfectionism am I holding myself to and why do I do that?

What do I need to align, to begin to feel my worth and know I am good enough?

That is at the heart of Virgo’s energy.

Accepting our worth & cultivating a life that is full of everything we deserve is the primary foundation underlining this cycle.

As we write our intentions for this new Moon, i invite you to feel into the power of the practices and rituals you do each day with intent, because these rituals are important for your life path, growth and are a support system that can guide you daily.

These keep your dreams on fire long after the new Moon has gone by, and support you even during the most distracting times. (ie retrograde s)

The new Moon is also a time to write yourself love letters about all the gifts that you have to give the world.

Last month we wrote a letter to ourselves from our higher self.

How did it go?

What do you want your life to look like in five or ten years?

What can you do today to help you achieve that vision?

As you create and commit to the rituals that help you to work toward your projections, don’t forget to include rituals to assist you to heal through anything underlying.

Give yourself permission and time to evolve while knowing you are always worth everything you are working on bringing into your life right now.

Get to know yourself on a deeper level and allow your life to unfold another layer with each new Moon.

Join the Ceremony on 14th September

Love in all ways