Have you been through some serious life changes?

Are you struggling with your self confidence to move into a new direction?

Do you need to emanate courage but feel you can’t find it?

Is the past haunting you?

Do you think there is no way forward from where you are?

If any of these questions sound like the voices in your head, take a deep breath and a step forward into the direction of trust, faith and belief in you super powers to create a new way.

Just one step.

It’s your journey and you are the one in charge.

You have all it takes to make a choice to pack a bag full of wisdom and leap onto an off beaten track.

I promise you, it will be worth it and you know what? Once you decide, there is not stopping you. So, it will be easy.

You have a choice to wake up and decide what qualities you want to bring into your life.

Where do you want to cultivate discipline?

Where do you want to be creative?

Where is your energy focused?

Owning all of who you are including the darker sides of your nature.

We can’t pretend we don’t have a dark nature it’s part of our natural duality.

Like day and night, But there is a dusk and dawn and there it is harnessed

Befriending them and knowing how to deal with their showing up rather that turning to a past method of survival.

Do you know your patterns?

Do you know how you escape yourself or the bigger picture?

Are you ready to get real?

Are you ready to face your shadow and give it what it needs that it’s never received before?

You are all you will ever need and this retreat is all about empowering you into harmonizing your life, disengaging from your parasites and participating in your life fully, owning all of your being, cultivating confidence, compassion, connection and courage

Make a connection to your heart through your heart, mine and to others.

Create an understanding of what you want from life presently, open up to the multitude of possibilities available to empower yourself through this amazing opportunity of sharing 3 days of connection with yourself and others in a nurturing and safe setting to peel away the layers and connect with what you didn’t know existed underneath it all.

This opportunity is for you,who are ready to be real, to be honest and to trust in yourself.

This opportunity is for you, who are willing to die and be reborn (metaphorically) during an available energetic portal that holds the frequency of change the autumnal equinox.

This opportunity is for you, who want to own your light and shadow.

This chance is for you, who know you want to make a change and need to connect to your heart.

There is no medicine for that.

You are the medicine.

This opportunity is for you, who want to reach deep within, to feel, sense, visualise and connect to your ancestral wisdom through principles and practices that can be applied to your daily life and work, helping you stay true to who you truly are.

You’ll connect with others seeking similar insights, and we will all listen fiercely and honor each other’s identity and integrity.

This opportunity is for you who wish to renew your courageous spirit on a journey towards embodying wholeness.

If your heart has resonated with anything brought up here

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If you would like to connect with me or have any particular enquries regarding the retreat send me a message The Maltese Mystic Yogi onFb or email me [email protected]

Let me know how I can support empower your life path

Love & Divine Blessings