The rare cosmic alignments that have been surrounding our daily lives, with incredible intensity during the month of February are peaking into a most soothing Full Moon, which falling in the Earthy sign of the virgin goddess Virgo, will close off this month in a beautiful way on the 27th.

2021 began with quite a roar, proving to be a year of transformation, this Full moon in Virgo aligns to exactly that and brings us transcending beings that watch it in awe, an anchoring balance and knowingness.

Even though we are living in very unpredictable times, our roots are planted in the soil that is perfectly good enough for where we are.

February has been quite a pivotal month seeing a lineup of four planets in the air sign of Aquarius and the first of three Saturn Uranus Squares. These alignments are major and define the rest of 2021.

The energy of these combinations may have had a drastic impact already, with big changes occurring in our lives or we may even have been called to unshackle ourselves from old paths too.

However so, with all this air energy around, im pretty sure some of us have felt caught up in mental chatter. Yo-Yoing between certainty and uncertainty, deliberating, ruminating and questioning ourselves and the past.

Therefore, the power of this Earthy Full moon in Virgo is going to bring in some grounding energy with it, that will soothe our airy thoughts and remind us to make the best of where we are presently rooted.

Some crystals that can assist you to navigate through this Full moon in Virgo :- Amazonite, Aventurine, Garnet, Carnelian, Clear quarrz, Citrine and Amethyst. These are all available from my Fb shop, send me a DM there for assistence and for details about their properties and what to do with them.

This Virgo Full Moon is coming to the rescue, to restore our faith in our hopes of change in any form that it may take. It brings this assertive wave of self belief to embrace the current energies and to feel at peace with any changes that have manifested on your path. .

This Full Moon in Virgo is all about acceptance within the current state of affairs. Its not easy but the littlest effort made, will have a huge impact on our inner wellness.

Generally Full Moons illuminate us, but this time what needs to surface will do so before to enlighten the path following the full moon.

We will be projected into a state of enquiry as we may receive shocking information that will most certainly heighten our emotional states and perhaps enable us to see things with a more unfettered outlook.

Virgo implies the Virgin which under this glorious Full moon highlights independence, inner strength, and the freedom to do as one desires.

We all have the ability of Virgo to listen to our needs and connect to our higher self while following out anchored hearts. This is the gift of this February’s Full moon.

Due to the Saturn Uranus squares, there may be facets that cannot catch enough light to connect to our higher selfs, however the Virgo Goddess is here to illuminate us with truth, wisdom and strength to clear those blocks with out innate higher consciousness.

Allow the bright Full Moon in Virgo light cleanse any blocks while assisting you to release anything that inhibits you from connecting to your highest state of being.

Don’t be over critical or over analytical in the true nature of Virgos down side. Be aware that those tendencies may arise and lay them to rest by maintaining a grounded connection with your inner divinity. Feel self assured & confident as you journey onward 2021.

There is a wise being within that knows the way beyond the horizon ahead, bask in the rays of the glorious Full moon in Virgo allow the luminary phenomenon to soothe you into your the full ownership of your inner powers.

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Love, light & Illuninating Full Moon Blessings

Photo credits – Marin Babanov