It’s already the end of the year, just 4 months to go.

Have you managed to maintain any rituals that you set in motion in the beginning of the year?

Its never too late if you haven’t.

Virgo season and it’s new moon correspondences were an invitation into cultivating rituals aligning with the theme of routine, structure and stability for our spiritual lives.

It’s not enough to set intentions and wait for something to fall out of the sky, the question is what actions can we take, to cultivate some form of momentum, in the adaptation of routine rituals, that will support our elevation and expansion at this time?

So, here are 8 simple spiritually and esoterically aligned rituals to inspire you into taking a simple way forward towards an uplifting path ahead.

1. Morning & Evening Affirmations

Starting and ending your days by reciting positive affirmations which align to your goals and intentions is a very simple yet powerful medium to invite the energy you wish to create in your life. This doesn’t only set a positive tone for your day and life, but it amplifies the energy of manifestation and it brings your heartfelt desires closer to you.
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2. Yoga, Somatics & Meditation

Dedicating time daily to practice Yoga, Somatic energy work such as Kriya & meditation can be very impactful not just physically, but also emotionally and mentally. These practices promote well-being by helping you stay grounded, centered and free of an over active mind. It’s a good idea to attend a few classes and then create your own dynamic Sadana* that appeals to you. Add essential oils, oracle cards or sound chimes to create a personalised practice.
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*Sadana is a daily practice

3. Lunar Rituals

Connecting with mother Earth through the lunar cycles by performing rituals during the New Moon and Full Moon can really tune you into your needs and support your spiritual growth. These times are great for intention setting, releasing what no longer serves you, and manifesting your dreams. This isost definitely an intuitive practice and can be done alone or with others. Again there are no ways to follow, but it’s nice to join others and learn how to apply what resonates in your own way.
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4. Spend Time With Your Crystals

Cleansing, programming or/and charging your crystals in any way you know how, is a very calming practice and can in itself be meditative. Crystals can be powerful tools for healing and for the energy work.
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5. Mother Nature Time

Spending time in nature regularly, whether it’s in your garden, by the sea, on a walk in a forest, among trees, just sitting down on the earth or walking barefoot on the ground, can definitely assist with lifting our spirits on align us to higher perspectives. The Earth and nature ionize our energy fields and assist us to alkalize our bodies naturally.
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6. Journaling

Maintaining a journal to record your thoughts, dreams, and spiritual insights is a super practice that really helps us to gain clarity and track our personal growth. Journalling is an avenue of self expression and a space for us to set some self care time to appreciate what’s moving through us that we willingly address and hols space for.

7. Sound Healing

Use sound therapy through singing bowls, gongs, chanting or participate in a soundscape locally. The vibrations can help balance our energy levels, cleanse our Auric fields and promote a sense of deep relaxation and renewal.
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8. Digital Detox & Self Exploration

Taking regular breaks from screens and technology is also a disciplinary act of love towards the self. Disconnecting from the digital world can help us to reconnect with ourself and explore the natural rhythms of life. Grab that book you longed to read, go for a long walk with your new playlist, practice an art or engage in an activity you’ve never tried before. Anything to keep you away from the digital world for a few hours will elevate you and transform you in many ways.

The key to these rituals is consistency and personalization.

Consistency isn’t in a measure but according to your own personal truth.

Tailor these rituals and practicies to your preferences and needs to create a meaningful and transformative spiritual practice.

Try out classes and sessions with others to gain insights and to make new friendships with people who are already exploring themselves through similar or new rituals you’ve never heard of before.

Don’t only live, feel alive as you explore new passages.

Wishing you all a blessed week ahead

Love in all ways


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