Everything is ever-changing and the ebb and flow of our spiritual journeys doesn’t differ much.

Perhaps presently, you’ve been feeling a bit of brain fog and you’re pushing yourself in all directions to establish a level of stability and clarity.

Please don’t lose heart. Keep at the front of your mind, that Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury (last days) and Neptune (shadow phase) are in retrograde there things can only be expected to feel as though they are at a complete standstill.

While this astrological weather slows things down just a tad, this pause shouldn’t be taken for granted.

When so many planets retrograde it’s generally a gift for us to also slow down, as this term presents us with a chance to take our gaze inwardly, take our perspectives beyond slightly and reflect on what energy shifts are processing around us and within us, as the sun enters Cancer on the day we are being blessed with Solstice energy; 20th June.

Cancerian energy is ruled by the Moon and is sometimes known as the Moonchild. This celestial vortex circulates watery thoughts between lucid, unconscious & aware.

A very powerful cardinal water sign, Cancer energy is strictly heartfelt and always full of feelings and emotions that beg us to ask the question what makes me feel safe.

The Mother Moon cycles resound with patterns reverberating with death & rebirth, just like in the life cycle of any living essence, it harnesses powerful renewal energy. The moon is symbolic of our inner most secret and emotional sphere. She illuminates our deepest and most profound feelings, feminine insights ( in both males and females) and intuitive instincts.

This year’s full moon in Capricorn will peak on 24th June and is governed by the Lord of structure, responsibility, karma, boundaries and limits – Saturn which happens to be retrograde presently (surprise, surprise) Capricorn, is also a cardinal earth sign however that enables us to establish foundations, strengthen our legacy and define our purposes.

Capricorn is depicted as a water goat and represents our spiritual roots and the ways we pursue our souls purpose during the lifetime we reside within. This sensitive creature is patient yet tenacious and governed by something all embracing.

This is the 1st full moon in Capricorn since last Summers and it is not an eclipse as it was last year.

As you all may know the full moon happens when the sun directly opposes the moon.

Here the moons light is equal to an emotional peak, enlightening what is being hidden from our awareness. This is why we are generally guided to reflect and surrender.

If you wish to reference what to reflect on, think back to the new moon in Capricorn which occured on January 13 of this year. Saturnian energy is a theme too to note during this lunation as it is the planet aligned to Capricorn. It’s typically pragmatic, responsible, and serious.

Moreover, these Capricorn themes are bringing forth the opportunity for us to revisit & reflect everything accomplished so far.

Above all, one of the realest challenges posed here is the need to really identify priorities in the process.

For example, is the work you do still aligned to your truth? Is that project you have been working on getting the time it deserves? Are you being productive in your everyday life? What is your level of self discipline? is attention being brought to what is not solid about your milestones? what work is needed to cultivate perseverance?

Saturn is Rx in Aquarius and is in the process of illuminating what needs to be restructured and/or cleared out. This especially if it doesn’t tune well with the goals and objectives we have set for ourselves.

Because the essence of Aquarius is all about innovation, progress and individuality we can expect that anything that doesn’t match the frequency of our highest good, be it people, work, situations and even serendepity to basically be sucked into the black hole.

In harmony with Mercury and the North Node in Gemini, Saturn will be gifting us with a renewed sense of direction, even though its retrograde. Keep in mind that most retrograde energies are turned inward, this is basically where we process the next phase of our lives.

Cancer, is sitting with harmoniously loving Venus directly opposite of the planet of transformation, regeneration, and all hidden; Pluto. In Cancer, Venus can super sensitive and with the plunger of the universe just opposite we are being confronted by the challenge to see what is not in our line of vision, whether personal, professional or financial this powerhouse of transformation is pushing us to set our sights beyond our conscious perspectives.

Venus is the planet of nurturing and sensitive comprehension, while Pluto is cathartic, deep & revealing.

However so, the aspect of Venus in Cancer this full moon in Capricorn is pushing us to trust our inner knowingness and not to ignore our intuitive insights while we process the unseen.

On a more delightful note beloved Jupiter saves the day as its essence brings in the fortune of harmony with both the sun and moon during this full moon in Capricorn, so although it may feel harsh and stressful the largest planet in our solar system will facilitate letting go and surrendering to the divine

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All full moons offer us an opportunity to release what inhibits us from truly moving forward.

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Love, light & Illuninating Full Moon Blessings

Photo credits – Marin Babanov