Full moons are a peak in the luminary that denote culminations and endings within an emotional sphere. While the moon does rule our sensitivities, subconscious and emotions, these endings often birth an absolute of emotional responses.

We are still in Sagittarius season, a pretty opposite placement for the sign of which this Full moon is in Gemini. While. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, meaning it is associated with adaptability and flexibility, Gemini is restless & curious in nature, and most importantly, communication is paramount.

The emotional meaning of the December 2021 full moon in Gemini is all about how you transmit through communication and share your thoughts and ideas with others.

The full moon in Gemini on Dec. 18 is inviting an ending of sorts into the cycle we have all collectively been experiencing through our birth charts individually since the spring before last.

This full moon is encouraging all to consistently continue exchanging of ourselves, expressing ourselves fluently, and exploring beyond our knowledge.

Full moons are always a great time to journal and write about your year’s experiences maybe do a little Q & A related to your emotional depths and sense of self.

Here are a few prompts to guide you through this full moon in Gemini and its alignments. It’s always a good thing to sit with ourselves and be honest and authentic about our true feelings.

What does my inner being need to feel taken care of, supported, satisfied?

What in my life is demanding closure at this time and how can I find it in myself?

Where in my life do I lack self expression and how can I cultivate it where its missing?

If you have oracle cards you could open a 3 card spread from your favourite deck and allow the answers to merge with your prompts in a beautifully guided journalling session with yourself this last luminary of the year.

In keeping with things to do during this full moon in Gemini, its a great idea to be sociable and spend quality time with those you choose to, so, invite some friends over and play with your inner children in a setting where you feel supported, cared for and satisfied. Maybe you could all engage in your inner childlike sense of wonder and playfulness by setting up the full moon in Gemini crystal grid

Each crystal has been carefully selected according to what aligns with this full moon in Gemini and has an affirmation to program the crystal with. Try it out and feel.comfortable to send me a msg to ask me anything you’d like to assist you ?

Flourite is a beautiful stone for creating a path for the future in full alignment with your gifts and calling. It brings mental clarity and assists us to make decisions for our highest good.

I am open, clear and decisive about where I am heading.

Botswana Agate is a very supportive warm stone that holds gentle encouraging energy while assisting one to access creativity. It is deeply grounding too. Earthing the airy Gemini energy while we evolve through our creative flair.

I am grounded while open to my imagination and creativity

Tiger eye is a stone of wisdom, courage, protection and discernment and offers us the ability to see ahead in full confidence. This gemstone is also about manifestation and aligns to the planet Jupiter with is very influential during this full moon and making it possible for us to manifest anything we desire into being.

I am wise, protected and confident in all my endevours.

Citrine is a beautiful stone for this full moon in Gemini as it fully aligns with finding and using the ability to unlock your highest potential while attracting great prosperity from all directions. It is the merchants stone and offers stable growth in business.

I am ready to align to my highest potential.

Chrysocolla is the stone of isis and also one that channels Divine feminine and universal energy. It offers the energy of freedom of expression which will help with clear and open communication especially when dealing with collaborations which are a highlight this full moon in Gemini.

I am free to express myself and open to discuss my opinions without fear

Kyanite is a powerful stone of communication and aside from aligning all energies within, it releases the throat chakra and soothes impulsive behaviour and the shifting nature of the airy Gemini energy.

I surrender to the present moment in full alignment to my path.

All full moons offer us an opportunity to surrender and release what inhibits us from truly moving forward.

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