The New moon in Leo will rise on the 8th August 2021.

Leos are the show-stopping, adrenaline-seeking junkies & the charismatic royalty of the zodiac. Leo is the ruler of the fifth house of romance and self-expression, creative, dramatic and as playful as a feline.

Leo is still the fixed fire sign, just as the other fixed signs Taurus, Aquarius & Scorpio – stubborn & unwavering, owning a habitual tendency to be inflexible, even when the imperative strikes, which makes this new moon challenging to say the least for these signs.

With both the Sun & Moon Aligned in Leo, the the charming, social butterfly energy of the Lion will be greatly felt.

What is effecting us most of course aside from half a solar system in retrograde is the main connection – square Uranus which has 2 sides to it, & catalyses at best or summons challenges at worse.

Uranus, is the planet of revolution, rebellion, inventiveness, and sudden changes in events. It’s currently floating through Taurus it’s home zodiac sign.

These unexpected curveballs result from the challenging aspects the Sun & the Moon both pose on this alignment in Uranus. But don’t lose heart, instead, be as bold as the lions energy and take advantage of this auspicious time when the lions Gate portal is giving us a joker card to use to manifest what we will during this powerful new moon in Leo.

Through this New moon we are expecting the unexpected of course, absolutely shocking changes and being thrown off path positively depending on which light you perceive the spontaneity of the shift in energy, that will leave you rethinking your current position.

Leo season promises to magnify our assertive demeanour, individuality and aptitude to own our vocal chords. However, due to a number of planets dispatched in some of the most obstinate fixed signs, there will be a bit of moodiness in the roar of the Leo fire, which will generate much exuberance and also in equal measure.

Numerology is also playing it’s part on this new moon in Leo, bringing a little luck on our side. The number 8 is considered a lucky number and also connects to the idea of infinity which also relates to abundance being infinite making 08/08 a significant numerological feature during this new moon in Leos Lion’s Gate.

I hear you asking what exactly is the hype about this lions gate?

The Lions Gate Portal began on the 26th July 2021 will peak on the new moon in Leo 08/08 & will close on the 12th August 2021.

In brief the Lion’s Gate Portal as it is known, is the name given to a celestial event that observes the dog star – Sirius rising in the sky during Leo season. Sirus is considered as the ‘spiritual sun’ too and is one of the brightest stars. On 08/08 Sirius will return to the sky – a very powerful moment where many ancient civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians. These communities revered this time as one for renewal and advancement. As the Orion constellation and the spiritual sun Sirius rise they align over the pyramids of giza which some say opens the Lions Gate portal.

In a nutshell, this day is often used for renewal, manifestation, advancement and a time to sow some seeds of intent. It can also be used to bring us close to the destiny we are carving and project us along our desired paths of spiritual awareness.

5 crystals to create a grid with for this auspicious and energetic day of manifestation that will assist us to align to the leadership role we are owning in our lives are the tigers eye, Bloodstone, Sodalite, Sunstone & Chrysocolla.

1) Tigers eye – for will power and decisiveness

2) Bloodstone – for courage and strength

3) Sodalite – for innovation, creativity & communication

4) Sunstone – for responsibility & charisma

5) Chrysocolla – for truth & purpose

Create and connect the grid to amplify, cultivate and manifest your personal power, success, leadership, integrity, relationship, cultivate abundance, communication, joy, strength and release inhibitions. To open your hearts to all the possibilities around you.

If you wish for my support to do so let me know how I can help you just reach out send me a message, I would be happy to guide you.

These crystals can also be purchased from the healing space just DM me on fb if you wish to create the grid but don’t have the crystals at hand.

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Love, light & prosperous New Moons Blessings

Photo credits – Marin Babanov