The full Moon in the sign of Taurus, on Friday, November 19, 2021, is also a partial eclipse of the Moon.

This Full moon in Taurus is a kind of finish line, its bringing many events to run their course. Maybe a goal, or a relationship. This illumination is assisting us to bring totality in our lives to what isn’t anymore aligned to our elevation and expansion, in order for new beginnings to run in comfortably.

Of course such a series of events will without a shadow of doubt bring about an ocean of feelings that would require us to tune into a kind & compassionate demeanour, not to mention our natural intuitive ability to move through this phase.

This happens to also be a lunar eclipse which means the earth is shadowing the moon as is orbits between the sun and moon during this time in doing so, basically, stiring the emotional field and causing intense and overwhelming moments around this auspicious time amplifying the elements that a known to create some powerful changes ahead.

This full moon in Taurus is set to influence love, money and self worth on many levels. Keeping in mind that Venus is also in charge and in shadow phase presently, as the 19th December brings about the last retrograde of the year that delivers a huge impact on the above mentioned influences of this full moon. Look out for this blog post with the do’s, dont’s affirmations and crystals that will assist you to get through this tricky but worthy retrograde. It’s all about love, sex, pleasures and money.

Back to the significance of this Full moon in Taurus lunar eclipse, the moon acts as our divine feminine inner compass effecting out sense of security therefore anything that resonates with those themes is guaranteed to make some waves. A sprinkle of intensity will definitely be felt due to the lunar eclipse making it tantamount stronger that a normal full moon (if such exists hahaha) the placement of the Sun sitting exactly opposite the Moon through this lunar eclipse places our relationships with home, family and our dearly beloved on the front line.

Expect a slight depletion of energy from this placement when internal tension can create external pressure. What you really need as opposed to what you want for example as aspects that will challenge us at this time.

Your intuition will be heightened by the moons influence at this time, enabling a clear vision of relationship dynamics and mis-aligned feelings.

A lunar eclipse resets emotions and clears emotional baggage that has accumulated over the last six months or so if you are tuned into it and ready to elevate to new beginnings.

Jupiter brings enthusiasm but can induce impulsiveness and distract us from being attentive due to excessive excitement. Access the right amount of confidence at this time and bring responsibility to all decisions you apply, so as not to cause any undesired difficulties due to the moon squared with Jupiter

Its a beautiful time to practice bhakti, do charity and be selfless. Generosity would elevate the moral decay that highlights the moon squaring Jupiter.

We are being encouraged to flourish spiritually and materially in moderation and responsibly through educational medium, self development and spiritual practices.

Pluto has an influence on our perception and heightens our emotional sensitivity which aligns our reactions to transform through our senses being stronger than usual as a result of the lunar trine.

Due to the amplified subconscious influence, there will be a sense of urgency to develop and focus our energy of where we can grow ourselves in the best direction aligned with our souls purpose. Get to know yourself further, its an auspicious time to do a little open hearted shadow work, to explore communication patterns, emotional connections and relationships.

In a nutshell, this full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus heightens our sense of sincerity and faith additionally, it amplifies the driving force within our subconscious to evolve and elevate our soul to a higher level of being through our since of purpose.

The aspect of Jupiter is quite brutal but, Pluto in Capricorns lunar trine is encouraging positive changes and our spiritual evolution.

The best crystals to grid during this time are Unakite, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Sodalite, Smokey Quartz, Pyrite and Astrophylite.

This combination of crystals will keep your heart open, loving, compassionate & humble with the energies of the rose quartz, garnet, Amazonite and unakite. It will keep your lower chakras grounded, clear and receptive with the pyrite, smokey quartz and garnet, it will elevate your communication with yourself and others with the Amazonite, Sodalite and Astrophylite, it will harmonise & draw a passionate balance between your masculine and feminine energies with the garnet, unakite & pyrite and it will assist your intuition to elevate your perception based on heart centredness with Sodalite & Astrophylite.

Octagram & Octagon also known as the star of Lakshmi grid kit, is mainly used for prosperity, abundance, growth, success, expansion, stability, determination & balance.

Affirmations to get you through this full moon lunar eclipse

I communicate with myself and others truthfully and openly with love and kindness.
I am abundant, prosperous and i have a mindful relationship with my earnings.

I am part of nature, deeply rooted, grounded and connected to the environment. I therefore work towards preserving it through my actions.

It is advisable not to gather your crystals to charge and cleanse under the full moon as there are alot of volatile energies. Cleanse with sage or palo santo and imbue them with fresh intentions if you so choose to.

All signs are sensitive to this lunation. Just embrace its energy and allow its magic to connect your magick and you will feel its healing. Happy Full Moon!

All full moons offer us an opportunity to release what inhibits us from truly moving forward.

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Love & Illuninating Full Moon Blessings

Photo credits – Marin Babanov