How to manage the May New Moon in Taurus 2021

The moon has a few different phases, as you have probably already noticed. A new moon henerally happens when the earth aligns with the sun, thus giving off the illusion of it being invisible.

Overall, there are generally 12 new moons a year, and each one aligns to one of the zodiac signs.

As this upcoming new moon is in the sign of Taurus, control becomes central and at the same time, you’ll just want to retreat, recharge and restore during this lunation.

This Taurus energy is here to help you focus on your needs and it will project you into a space to really do whatever feels good. On one hand this is great but on the other hand due to the impact of Uranus, be aware of impulse spending and over doing the luxuriating.

The new Moon in Earthy Taurus will join the Sun and Uranus which are also sitting in this particular sign. Whenever the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign, we tend to feel energy more intensely.

With the Sun ruling our sense of self (the qualities we share with others) and the Moon ruling our emotional bodies (our secrets), we’ll be feeling Taurus’s influence on both sides of ourselves.

Lets not forget that Taurus is ruled by the sensuality of Venus, therefore we can really expect a sense of comfort and joy in simplicity to also overcome us during this new moon.

The New Moon is a time to set intentions and place yourself in a healthy place ahead of the next Moon Cycle.

It is the most opportune moment to engage in manifestations and the most powerful time to engage in a Moon ritual. Especially being in the prosperous sign of Taurus (ruled by Venus)

All signs will be affected by this New Moon, mostly in positive ways.

Powerful Pluto & reflective Neptune are giving transformative energy momentum to craft visions into something tangible, but there again, I highlight, not to allow Uranus to challenge you to ignore the rules and waltz to your own tune. Stay loyal and stay reliable.

The Taurus New Moon also inaugurates Eclipse Season, which is an already transformative period. It is a time where the Universe presents us with the magickal opportunity to make a quantum leap on our souls journey. And while this Taurus New Moon is not an Eclipse, it does project us into a new lunar cycle that will be followed by the powerful Full Blood Moon Eclipse towards the end of May.

Black Moon Lilith is relatively active during this New Moon too. This raw, feminine energy is a reminder to stand our ground and acknowledge our great potentialities.

Its presence is also a reminder for us to speak authentically, to overcome the discomfort of being out of our comfort zones and to hang in there during our spiritual evolutions.

This new moon is about resting, retreating, recharging and restoring ourselves in its darkness so that we can dream up, create and visualise wisdom from our higher selves.

The energies of Black Moon Lilith and Venus amplify the need to tap into our innate feminine energy, which in reality goes beyond gender, and is more about ebbing and flowing while allowing ourselves to embrace the natural creative, intuitive, and less practical aspects of our essence, thus, helping us to float into our new desired directions.

Overall, the May Taurus New Moon is a chance to ground our energy, to recharge our batteries, and to welcome the creative energies of change.

This lunation is a transformative opportunity to go within and listen to the stillness and the voice of our heart.

It is our chance to trust in our ancient cellular wisdom and our own intuitive nature.

But above all it heralds a moment in time to inaugurate the creative and wavy currents of energy that are projecting us into evolution.

Embrace any and all of these changes with grace & gratitude. Surrender to these energies in any way that suits you. Know that you are being supported to move with the flow with an anchored heart.

Here is a beautiful mantra to help you get through this new moon.

I am grounded, I am connected, I am one with light and love. As I clear and cleanse, I recharge and return to my true strength. I am a radiant channel of light and only love can enter.

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Love & New moon Blessings

Photo credits – Marin Babanov