Any Scorpio moon new or full is always a good enough reason to dig deep down into the profoundest abyss of you soul.

This 4th November is time for the New Moon in Scorpio beckoning a time of soul searching which will lead to insightful path aligning purposes, of course for our highest good.

I hear you ask how can you make the most of this magickal Scorpionic energy, read on.

New moons are a time to sow seeds as it amplify the energy of new beginnings being that it is a start of the new lunar cycle. This generally occurs every 28 days.

Always a beautiful time for rituals and high resonance around starting something new or implementing new habits during this time.

However, also a brilliant and auspicious time to start a business endevour or make a career change.

All initiations are warmly welcomed during this moon phase. A new moon is like a wishing well in the sky, a portal for our hearts desires.

All new Moons differ from month to month, based on what planets and signs influence the zodiacs moon phase but the principle of the new moon is always the same.

Tie up any loose ends from the last illuminating full moon phase, which was in Aries two weeks ago, integrate any lessons and set some keen intentions resounding with the path you are presently on.

This new moon in Scorpio is influenced by a direct opposition to Uranus Lord of upheavals, change & may I add, chaotic dispositions. Not to mention Saturn squaring with it’s structure & karmic demeanour, heightening this lunar phase with a desperate need to implement compassion and patience.

Yes my beloved brothers & sisters this Scorpio Super New moon is going to put us to the test while, these planetary alignments are helping us integrate, understand and see parts of ourselves that we may need to begin acknowledging.

You are a dancing partner of the universe and it is the intention to create that activates the journey we are on.

When we are going through changes it’s easy for us to say, why me? but, we sometimes forget that it is for our highest good that things happen and more importantly noone not even the universe is out to get anyone infact, it’s very much the opposite.

Think about it.

When we are not doing what’s for our highest good, things flow in a sort of opposing direction as we would be swimming against the currents. It can seem like we are doing what’s best for us but it would be an unlikely truth. If we would be, then it would be effortless to get from a to b. Wouldn’t it?

So bring a little awareness to your path ahead this new moon in Scorpio as it is one of the best dark moon phases to help your wishes flow right into its wishing well. Don’t miss this window of opportunity in the shade of the planets causing opposition or chaos.

Breath, meditate and contemplate your own shadows and desires. Navigate the spectrum while strengthening your spirit, integrating light and darkness, overcoming your own duality and tuning into your inner knowingness through the practices you’ve cultivated over the year that have become an anchor when you need to get real and go beyond the familiar.

This new moon in Scorpio is a time to embrace sudden changes and own all parts of yourself even those shady parts you’d rather not address.

Set some intentions and goals resonating with owning your weaknesses and buffing up your spirit to handle change with a compassionate and patient heart.

This new moon in Scorpio in true nature to itself is not for the faint hearted, but it is for sure one of the most transformative if you truly embrace it’s nature and observe without a trace of judgment.

All zodiac signs will be influenced by this new moon, but it’s Scorpio, Leo, Taurus Aquarius that may have the hardest time integrating changes as they are the most resistant.

The best crystals for this Scorpio new moon are stones that stabilize emotions, clear negativity, amplify healing energy, bring compassion into the mix, encourage courage and assist transformation.

Smokey quartz will assist to clear negativity from within and around, while also absorbing any EMFS and keeping the watery Scorpionic energy grounded.

Moss agate is a beautiful gemstone amplifying the energy of healing while anchoring the heart, yet keeping it open to change and abundance.

Carnelian is a beautiful and sensual crystal, full of motivational frequencies and vibrations of courage. It Heightens transformation and It also assists scorpionic energy to harvest its sexual energy and use it creatively as we build a relationship with those part of ourselves we are acknowledging.

Amethyst is a master healer and is a wonderful stone to bring spiritual guidance and connection to the energy of this Scorpio new moon, while we move effortlessly assisted by its vibrations to make peace with unfamiliar parts of ourselves.

Rose quartz is a beautiful gemstone for Scorpionic energy that is working with the shadow self and requires of course the element of compassion to allow difficult emotions to come to pass with love. It is a great gemstone to stabilize emotions and bring peace to the inner child.

Black obsidian is a very important Crystal for this new moon in Scorpio as it helps to banish negative emotions, align the integration of change and absorb any psychic smog from the release of heavy emotions given off through shadow work.

Supercharge your soul and give yourself clear focus, together with the right determination you need to achieve your dreams this new moon in Scorpio by setting up a crystal grid with these amazing and vibrant crystals.

Let me know how I can help you with that.

Don’t forget to cleanse your spaces with palo santo, sage or any of your favourite smudging tools.

Feel free to connect with me for any of these above mentioned I always have in stock.

These crystals can also be purchased from the healing space just DM me on fb if you wish to create the grid but don’t have the crystals at hand.

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Love & prosperous New Moons Blessings

Photo credits – Marin Babanov