There is something magnificent about the human spirit when one chooses to believe in oneself.

Life rallies to strengthen and encourage it. It is the expression of will to live, not from a place of fear of death, but of a brave, divinely defiant boldness that refuses to give up on what matters most.

We have had our fair share (to put it lightely) of heartbreak and disappointment; and yet, rather than bitterness in our hearts, love is the choice made.

Moments of despair and doubt may overwhelm the human spirit; and yet, deep in your heart, you choose to continue on.

You have the spirit of the Gods and Goddesses within you. And just like the Universal deities expressing themselves within and without, we all shall prevail.

There are moments in our mundane lives, where we have a desperate need to know that everything is going to be ok. Indifferent of how probable the odds be.

We could be clueless about how it’s going to work out and yet, still energize the best possible outcome and trust in the intent and in the highest good.

In ancient Egyptian mystical tradition of the Goddess Isis, it was said she had to endure many trials, she faced heartbreak and devastating loss over & over.

Her response to this was to continue evolving, using all of her power, strength, wisdom and wit to conquer every single obstacle.

Her motivation was LOVE, and although she could have given in to despair, she did not.

Those of you that have ever been asked to give up something or someone you truly loved in order to take your spiritual journey are being NOW initiated into the mystery school of Isis.

Her divinity resides in all of us through space and time. You can tap into this energy very easily, and when you do, she will guide and empower you to become fearless. You wont be immune to pain, no. But nor will you be conquered by doubt.

Isis teaches us that holding love in our hearts and refusing to allow bitterness to overcome us (or at least, not for long!) is the way to stay powerful and radiant on the path of life, even among some of the most difficult times.

Goddess Isis is the spiritual embodiment of the phrase ‘ living well is the best revenge’

The universe is love and karma is clever. Everything is working out according to a higher plan and you don’t have to control a thing for perfect balance, divine judgment & divine mercy to be expressed.

Embody the divine feminine energy of the Goddess Isis. We all have divine feminine energy, both men and women.

Use your feminine divinity to create the beauty within the consciousness of your reality to bring blessings.

This embodiment allows you to embrace the worth of your human divinity and your naturally wild nature.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times for 21 days with intent, heart centered focus on yourself, your divine nature, your inner source of love.

The spirit of Isis rises within me, and through my empowered warrior heart,
I prevail.

You can also use an Isis crystal while affirming to amplify your intent (check my shop or contact me to know more about crystals and how to use them)

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Love, Light & Blessings