A Full moon occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, illuminating the moon from the perspective of the Earth. Full moons generally symbolize a time for rest, renewal, release restoration and reflection.

During this time it is important to be grateful for what you have acquired, lived through & experienced while gracefully letting go of, shedding and surrendering what you have outgrown or what has outlived its’ purpose on your present journey and most especially since the last new moon 2 weeks ago.

Taurus, Leo ,Scorpio and Aquarius will feel this lunation the most, however, knowing where Aquarius sits in your chart will help you greatly align to what you are feeling during this time.

If you would like to gain some clarity let me know how I can help you understand the position in your chart.

In the meantime time here are 5 things you can do this Full moon in Aquarius to really tap into its energy and align to the energies you wish to tune into.

1) Explore new spiritual practices.

If there is something that you have been meaning to approach in the form of a spiritual practice go ahead. If its’ a deck of cards you have been eyeing, or a crystal that is calling you or you wish to learn a healing modality go for it, don’t wait or hesitate. I can help you if you seek guidance and wish to create some solid foundations. Feel free to connect with me to join a workshop or schedule a path finding session.

2) Connect deeply with your ancestors/guides.

Set up a little altar, white candles, some photos and/or objects, light some incense and breath gently while you allow for what wants to connect with your to reach in. Pay attention to the signs and follow the guidance. It’s always trustworthy and vibrant if you are conscious and aware of it. If you aren’t, then meditate daily. You will eventually be able to notice what you havent been able to till now when you silence the noisy mind and allow the wisdom of your inner intellect to flood through the signs that surround you.

3) Clean, cleanse & purify your space, your Aura and your altar.

Grab some Sage, Dragons blood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Palo santo and fill those diffusers with heart opening Tea tree & clearing Lavander or depurartive Lemon & Banishing Eucalyptus. Choose the tools that you feel connected to and cleanse and clear the spaces you spend time in. Keep the diffusers going to banish any unwanted stagnent energy. Change the vibes of the rooms of your home using singing bowl frequencies, tuning forks or chimbles, and don’t forget that selenite and black tourmaline can really increase the vibes and clear the frequencies too. If you don’t have that available choose to put 4 pieces of hematite one in each corner of the most used room in your home and feel as the vibes lift and your spiritual energy grounds the chaos. You can also choose to have a dip in the ocean to cleanse your aura if that’s available to you or take a salt shower if its not. Be intuitive about how you don’t nothing is ever right or wrong and feel free to connect with me if you have any particular questions im always happy to help out.

4) Step out of your comfort zone & choose to make some changes to how you behave.

Its possible that you may have been observant of some dodgy habits you have cultivated to protect yourself along the way, these may now be bothering even you. A bit of shadow work may have brought up these notions and of course with love we can choose during this illumination to thank what has served till now but doesn’t serve the path ahead. Be sure to be grateful for that part of your self and gracefully surrender the pattern to the full moon. Allow the universe to conspire in your favour and the light of the moon to illuminate a new path ahead. (IT TAKES COURAGE AND MOTIVATION AND GREAT SELF AWARENESS TO STEP OUT OF AN OUTLIVED COMFORT ZONE. BE FEARLESS, PLACE ONE FOOT INFRONT OF THE OTHER AND SEIZE THE CHANCE. LET THAT STEP BE THE ONE THAT SETS THE ROUTE TO THE REST OF YOUR LIFE 😉 )

5) Be a true humanitarian, be kind, do good or pay something forward.

Even if you’re not swimming in luxury It’s always nice to do good and be kind. A small gesture goes a long way. Present times call for the humanitarian in us to extend support in any way possible. Pick up trash from the beach, help a friend or a stranger, give what you don’t use, be supportive open your eyes and see where you can assist the local community you are part of. We have all been so blessed in someway or another. We can spend a day counting our blessings and thinking of ways to give something back for all the good you recieved.

During a full moon its a great time to do a little shadow work and as it is one of the motivations this full moon in Aquarius its a good time to pen the following questions with love for ourselves and our journey.

How can I integrate the knowledge of the experiences I’ve had so far on my life path?

How do I allow my boundaries to be overstepped?

Am I sitting in a comfort zone or stagnating situation and not fully aware of it? do I need to change anything? What shall I grow out of OR have I grown out of that I need to move on from?

Remember to answer these questions with love and understanding amd if you aren’t ready to answer these questions set them aside for when you are. Never put pressure on yourself but do challenge yourself to grow.

The following affirmations will assist you to elevate and expand while you offer gratitude and grace to what you are releasing and moving onwards and upwards from.

I am grateful for the blessings I am yet to recieve from my openness to embrace transformation and change.

I may not have all the answers, but I trust in my intellect, intuition & ability to grow with the new knowledge I attain through new experiences.

I am open to self development & breaking habits that enable me to welcome progressive thinking.

If you wish to make a crystal grid to amplify and enhance the vibrations of your personal journey aligned with the full moon in Aquarius frequencies, the following 5 are a great combination for you and very easy to find available too.

Let me know if you would like to buy any of these crystals I always have a lovely array available for purchase.

Amethyst is my number 1 choice for its healing properties and also as it can really assist us on our spiritual development paths and also to break old habits.

Amazonite is a beautiful heart chakra crystal that really allows us to bring resolution to our inner conflicts, helps to heal the divine feminine victimhood and enables honest self expression.

Mahogany obsidian is a great gemstone to assist us on a transformative journey that requires energetic protection and alleviates stagnating energy.

Blue Kyanite really aligns all the energy centres and soothes our temperament as we breeze through the changes with inner peace, heightened consciousness and mental clarity.

Smoky quartz really helps to protect and keep your aura cleansed while you work through the challenges that arise as you journey away from what you have out grown.

All full moons offer us an opportunity to release what inhibits us from truly moving forward.

let me know how I can support your journey. Feel free to join the Full Moon in Aquarius ceremony

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Love, light & Illuninating Full Moon Blessings

Photo credits – Marin Babanov