This full moon rises simultaneously with four planets moving into their direct stations (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury),

This fires up a time to integrate with love that all the lessons lived out through their retrograde phases.

This Full Moon in Aries preceeds the equinox. As our ancestors saw this as a time to hunt and gather in preparation for the winter ahead we too are aligning with integrating transformation, both physically and psychologically.

Physically, daylight savings time reduces itself and nature around us also begins to darken and wither, thus renurturing the earth with its essence. We watch these transformations, and too merge in on the natural process of liberating ourselves of anything that we wish to make formless and harmless during this full moon in Aries.

Psychologically, the winter and last portion of the year brings about consciousness and understanding for a deeper knowingness of the relationships and partnerships in our spheres, our interactions, behaviour and what within this paradigm has arisen during these last months that wants to be acknowledged.

This Full Moon in Aries is bringing about a necessity to harmonise our personal desires and that of those around us. Clearly, being in the age of Aquarius a compromise in the form of collaborative efforts and evolutionary means of progressing will definitely enhance room for improvements.

This does not mean that desires aren’t important, contrary, creative solutions will amplify incentives and honour both what is yours and what is not.

We have sat in self reflection for the last few months. Pluto had been retrograde form 27th April until 6th October making us wonder about our power struggles, now it is challenging us to own it and empower others through our divine purposes, whatever they may be.

You can make reference to a post I shared on my fb page on the 18th October, ( ) which, was also the retrograde end date for Mercury, and had begun on the 27th September. This one was all about re evaluating what keeps us stuck in our hamster wheel experiences. Today following this retrograde it is crucial to implement new habits as we enter into a new cycle.

Jupiter retrograde also ended on the 18th October, starting its phase on 20th June, it brought about the metamorphosis of our perception and offered us a chance to expand to a potential beyond the predisposition of our beliefs of what is possible and not. The cocoon phase is now over and it’s a time to flourish.

Of course how can Saturn the Lord of structure and Karma be forgotten here coming out of retrograde on the 10th October, being there since 23rd May brought us to many conclusions as to the reasons we limit our potential. Now with new knowledge through the period of its backwards phase has projected us into a liberation of self limiting structures.

This full moon focus on releasing anything that no longer serves you, integrate the shadows processed through the retrogrades and the last month most especially.

Ask and answer to yourself these 3 questions with love and authenticity.

What parts of myself scare me?
What do I have a hard time accepting about myself?
What parts of myself do I usually avoid?

Free yourself from anything tied up to all the lessons the last few months have had you engaged in.

Affirm the following

I call onto the bright moons light to flood through my mind, body, soul and surroundings. To cleanse all, fully and completely, to illuminate my highest vibration and harmonise that which is not of the greatest good for my way ahead.

The full moon is a time to cleanse and smudge homes and spaces, relaxing in a depurative bath and journal under the enlightening moonlight as you process and release any loose ends.

If you’re into your crystals keep Green flourite, Red tigers eye, Red Jasper, snowflake obsidian, Amazonite and Sodalite handy this Full moon in Aries and maybe set up a crystal grid using a skull as a centre stone to amplify the wisdom attained during this very auspicious time.

Gather your crystals to charge and cleanse under the full hunters moon imbue them with intentions aligned to your raised energy and allow them to nurture you for the rest of the month as we move into the watery and mystical of Scorpio.

All signs are sensitive to this lunation. Just embrace its energy amd allow its magick to connect your magick and you will feel its healing. Happy Full Moon!

All full moons offer us an opportunity to release what inhibits us from truly moving forward.

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Love & Illuninating Full Moon Blessings