In astrology, a new moon generally is naturally occurring when the moon and sun form a synchronized connection in the same sign, causing the illusion of an absent moon in the sky.

This is what initiates a new lunar cycle, which generally resonates with beginnings, fresh starts, and new perspectives.

This new moon in Virgo of 2021, is expected to bring increased attention on health, change, the need to get organized and possibly restructure particular habits or daily routines.

Virgo season brings in the right time to pull up those sleeves and get down to business following a playful Leo season.

Let’s keep at the front of our agenda throughout how change creates energetic space for opportunity and how the universe clears away what doesnt align to our life’s paths in order to magnetize what does.

The next 2 weeks are going to be a fun roller coaster of shifts and surprises due to a very interesting trine between the new moon, Mars in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus Rx and Pluto in Cappy Rx too.

Some people tend to fear retrogrades, but trust me when I say that these Rx’s actually are bringing quite a harmony this time round providing a vortex to harvest a manifestation of all the hard graft we have put into our worlds.

Expect aspects resonating with value, worth, decisions and new endevours to arise before the 27th which is Mercury retrogrades 1st day until the 18th October.

This new moon in Virgo is the rinse cycle of astrology, showering us with a force of renewal and energy to carry forward what we are willing to open up to that will project us into a place of changes & chance.

Here are 5 crystals to create a crystal grid to support you throughout this new moon in Virgo and the next 2 weeks up until the full moon in Pisces on the 21st September.

Rhodochrosite which is a beautiful crystal that can help you emotionally, to let go of old habits and also amplifies the energy around self love and self discipline. Very useful to restructure daily habits and routine.

Fuchsite is a beautiful green crystal also known as a fairy stone, which helps us to align with our creative expression by reducing mental chatter and also assists to implement an easy adaptation to changes.

Water melon tourmaline is a stunning bi coloured crystal that resonates with receptive and projective energy it amplifies the energy of trusting in ourselves while releasing the tension and stress that comes with the changes we are bound to under go throughout Virgo season.

Blue aventurine is another very useful gemstone to have at hand during this next 2 weeks as it really assists to establish healthy habits and emotional consciousness while aligning us to our elevated truth.

Chrysocolla is one of my favourite stones mainly because it is a goddess isis crystal and also because it enables healthy and empowered self expression. It also amplifies the energy of courage and inner strength while assisting us to project more positive thoughts into our sphere of energy to attract more heart centred desires that fear based notions.

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Here are 3 very powerful channelled affirmations that will give you insight on the unfolding paths ahead of this new moon in Virgo.

I am confident in who I am while being open to new wisdom.

I am open to adopting new ways of thinking and being beyond familiar territory.

I trust in my inherent shamanic senses to guide me while I surrender to the divine knowing the paths I choose are right for me, as I make healthy decisions.

Feel free to affirm these intentions into your crystals to anplify your new moon experience.

Don’t forget to cleanse your spaces with palo santo, sage or any of your favourite smudging tools.

Feel free to connect with me for any of these above mentioned I always have in stock.

These crystals can also be purchased from the healing space just DM me on fb if you wish to create the grid but don’t have the crystals at hand.

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Love, light & prosperous New Moons Blessings

Photo credits – Marin Babanov